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Resource suite centred around an interactive tool which helps youth identify how to safely and helpfully intervene in cyberbullying.

Impact! How to Make a Difference When You Witness Bullying Online

Ottawa, Canada
Based on MediaSmarts' groundbreaking research on witness interventions in cyberbullying, this suite of resources includes a lesson plan, posters, tipsheets and an interactive tool which uses questions to guide youth through the process of deciding how to intervene when they witness cyberbullying -- and also shows that there is always something you can do.


MediaSmarts is Canada's centre for digital and media literacy. Since our founding as a nonprofit in 1996, we have worked to ensure that all Canadian children and youth have the critical thinking and ethical decision-making skills they need to actively use and understand all the media they consume. We do this through our research, which includes the Young Canadians in a Wired World project, ongoing since 2001; our public outreach and awareness efforts; and our resources for parents, teachers, youth, and other audiences, which are used across Canada and around the world.

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Innovation Overview
Target Group
1 000
Focus areas
Tips for implementation
This resource can be accessed at . It can be used directly by youth when they witness cyberbullying, or used to develop their efficacy through the role-playing scenarios included in the lesson plan. Tipsheets and posters reinforce and deepen the learning.

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