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iLead 21 creatively assists schools in developing student leaders by augmenting the critical skills necessary for global citizenship


Marker Alexandria, Virginia, USA
iLead is a progressive leadership development program that focuses on 5 key leadership principles. Students form a company and progress through a series of project-based leadership and entrepreneurial development tasks. Students progress through the levels of the Leadership Development Ladder and refine the skills needed to lead themselves, others and ultimately the world.

iLead 21 Lead Yourself Lead the World

“Good leaders view conflict, struggle, and hardship as opportunities for greatness, yet they maintain the humility to allow any successes to be shared by all ”

Dr. Steven Edwards, President and CEO Edwards Educational Services, Alexandria, Virginia

iLead 21 showcases students' talent while teaching leadership and entrepreneurship strategies with which students design their own future, and ultimately make a positive impact on the world.

iLead 21 focuses on 5 key leadership principles: 

  • Live a Principle-Driven Life
  • Manage People & Resources Well
  • Build Trust'
  • Create a Shared Vision & Communicate Effectively
  • Be Passionate, Motivated and Motivating

By creating their own company, students learn real-world tools such as communicating effectively, interviewing skills, financial awaremess and responsibility, character building, , planning and problem-solving, community and global impact, personal goal-setting and higher order critical thinking skills.

iLead 21 has a virtual component and an APP where students and teachers join a closed networking site to collaborate with other iLead 21 communities around the world. They can access resources, write blogs or conduct research leadership opportunities. Teachers can access additional materials to compliment curriculum and network with iLead coaches in order to enhance teaching practices and learn how to embed project-based learning constructs in the classroom.

Edwards Educational Services in Alexandria, Virginia provides the initial training and provides an i-Coach who will support the school's implementation efforts.

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Intended Outcomes
10 - 18
Age Group
Resources Needed
iLead 21 Stage 1 Novice text; iLead 21 Stage 11 Emerging; iLead 21 APP

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