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Hybrid Learning Platform

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Academics, SEL, Life Skills, STEM, Outside the Box Learning.

Hybrid Learning Platform facilitates the new age educational processes implementation for bringing the education, technology, communication, and society together on a single platform. This sharing environment: ‘Teacher-Student, Teacher-Teacher, Student-Student’ enables the effective application of Social Learning, Project based Learning, Peer Interaction, Inquiry-based Learning strategies.


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Target group
November 22nd, 2022
Next Generation students need to learn how to think critically, solve problems as well as apply their academic knowledge around humanity, character building, life skills, and out of the box learning.
Jagadish Reddy

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

There is a tendency for parents to focus on academics alone as the main sources of learning, but every child should learn from other skill sets, such as life skills, social emotional learning (SEL), STEM and out of the box sources of learning.
Teachers and parents should be able to track students' learning so they can see their progress, activities, and projects.

How does your innovation work in practice?

"Hybrid Learning Platform" is a cloud-based online learning platform, Through watching, listening, reading and doing assignments, students should be able to think on a particular topic, explore it, and give a presentation about it. Students can be assigned based on the day and teachers can monitor their progress. also students can upload their presentation.

The platform enables students to complete formative assessments and receive automated feedback and AI-driven learning paths tailored to fit their individual needs as they go through class lessons. It automates or streamlines the flow of lesson planning, differentiation, marking, and feedback, saving teachers time. Teachers and school leaders have access to actionable learning insights for every student in real-time.

Our mission is to improve learning for lifelong learners through technology. We believe that technology can significantly enhance the relationship between teacher and student, resulting in significantly better learning

How has it been spreading?

The emphasis we place on user experience has led to a large community of "Hybrid Learning Platform" users who continue to bring "Hybrid Learning Platform" to new schools every year through word of mouth. Hybrid Learning Platform is very user friendly and makes learning a lot more enjoyable for students and parents. Furthermore, we partner with teaching associations like SEL, Life Skills, STEM, Outside-the-Box Learning, Virtual Field Trips and other organisations that align with our mission and focus of bringing the benefits of "Hybrid Learning Platform" to schools across the globe.

We began as a way offer educators to meet the need to a variety of ways to access professional development. "Hybrid Learning For Life" was conceived in the year of 2020 and launched in the year of 2021.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

The following schools/organizations are most welcome to evaluate the efficacy of "Hybrid Learning Platform": here: https://hybridlearning.in/#/contact

Over the past year, we have scaled our user base in India and built a strong development team to upgrade our end-to-end school solutions. Several awards and recognitions have also been given to us.

Spread of the innovation

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