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Hey! U It is a second screen connected to the student's device to give feedback to the teacher in real time. No wifi ,no internet need it


Hey! U It is a second screen connected to the student's device that shows the teacher what application they are in and whether they have understood the lesson, and hey! hey!U would already be operational on Android, Windows, Mac OS and Chromebook. For hey!C we can currently work with Android, Chromebook and Windows.

Hey! Breaking down barriers to communication in the classroom



Multiple tools for understanding, expression and class participation

I would love to present you the opportunity of hey! Education solutions. Is one of the most disruptive solution in the market and helps all teachers to implement and manage technology in the classroom giving an impressive valuable feedback in real time to the teacher.

Technology in the classroom is growing very fast but there are some gaps that are not well cover until now.

Hey! Is based in 2 solution (U!, Visual and C!, SaaS) that can work alone or together depending the type of teacher or situation.

And help teachers and Educational organizations to manage efficiently and easily the technology in the classroom and the best of the Formative assessments under one umbrella.

From Non savvy teachers to the technology wizard, they all love hey! Solution. In the top of that Local governments or educational

institutions can see in real time, not only the use of the technology (how is using the technology in their classes) but also the evolution of the feedback, which can help them to make better decisions with better information.

3 teacher talking about the real use of hey! U

Live the Hey! experience in the CEIPSO Maestro Rodrigo of Aranjuez (Madrid)

Hey!U, LED panel with flexible USB The latest educational technology without changing your device

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