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Providing a platform to celebrate young innovators and programs who inspire and promote innovation.

Global Innovation Field Trip (GIFT)

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The Global Innovation Field Trip (GIFT) is the quarterly, on-line, 24-hour, multi-country collaboration, celebrating young innovators and those who educate, inspire and promote innovation. Promising to fill you with inspiration, hope and reassurance that our future is in good hands, these K-12 innovators share their short stories of innovation with the world. Join us for the next GIFT.
Co-Founder Global Innovation Field Trip | Founder & COO Innovation World
Vast opportunities exist for students to explore innovation. Our role as leaders is to inspire their expedition, lead them to the start of the path, and celebrate their journey, with all its detours.

Co-Founder Global Innovation Field Trip | Founder & COO Innovation World


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Updated on June 28th, 2022
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Why did you create this innovation?

The inaugural Global Innovation Field Trip (GIFT was launched in May 2020 when it became apparent the pandemic would result in delayed or cancelled celebrations of young innovators often held in the spring in the U.S.A. The program grew global attention very quickly, resulting in our first event filling with 103 presenters, 80 presentations from 15 countries and the request for additional dates.

How does your innovation work in practice?

GIFT is the quarterly, online, 24-hour, celebration of youth innovation. 1) Presentations are scheduled via a short form on the GIFT site, in increments of 15 minutes. 2) Viewers can find the schedule online in advance of the program to select which segments from which countries they would like to watch. 3) The total event is held online, via Zoom webinar and simultaneously livestreamed to our YouTube channel, where viewers can submit questions for or cheer on presenters. 4) Hosts welcome presenters as they join the event, invite them to present and ask follow up questions. 5) When event is complete, Innovation World creates individual videos for each presentation and posts the videos in their online library, making them available for all. 6) GIFT is accessible to students worldwide. Even students who have no internet are able to send video clips of their innovation store and the GIFT Team will share the video with the world during the event! 7) GIFT is FREE!

How has it been spreading?

By January of 2022, additions to the program included Professional Development, Competition Kickoffs/Finales, Award Ceremonies, Teen Discussion Panels and Student Co-Hosts.

In the first 24 months GIFT has been the host platform for more than 646 innovative presentations from 979 innovators from 51 countries. The program now welcomes 20+ international guest co-hosts to each event.

As we continue to grow, we would love to scale by developing national level Field Trips to expand accessibility and celebrate even more young innovators around the world!

We have accomplished much, but we have a long way to go and we are loving every minute of this Global Field Trip!. There are so many untold stories of innovation that the world needs to hear! What's your story?

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GIFT is the quarterly, online, 24-hour, celebration of youth innovation. If you are a young innovator, educator or program leader that inspires or support youth innovation, you should participate.
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