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The GCP connects schools, teachers and students with the SDGs, so It improve the 21st century skills for a sustainable future.

Global Citizenship Educational Program

location_on Buenos Aires, Argentina
The GCP starts in 2018 with the aim of connect people with the SDGs and the 21st century skills in the formal educational system. In a gamified platform, teachers have tools to develop meaningful and innovative educational projects with their students. Students find school topics that empower them as key players, discovering new challenges to transform our world into a better place for life.
Gisela Assinato, Digital teacher.
The students were very motivated and interested in the gamified proposal and the use of digital tools. They highlighted playing video games that challenged them and recognized their interests.

Gisela Assinato, Digital teacher.


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Updated on October 19th, 2020
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Connecting teachers and students with SGDs by a gamified platform

The Global Citizenship Program (GCP) promotes the Sustainable Development Goals (SGD) in the formal education system of Buenos Aires City, through quality education enhanced by digital technologies. This initiative offers a learning gamification environment, interactive and participative proposals, and mission-based projects to create awareness and mobilization on the SDGs to build a fairer, more equitable and sustainable present and future.

GCP offers an original immersive experience that inspires teachers and students to be key players in their educational processes. Teachers are challenged to embrace innovative teaching strategies and students learn through play, carrying out missions, devising strategies, and leading meaningful projects.

GCP engages students in missions, adventures and disruptive educational experiences for raising awareness of global challenges and transforming our world into a better place for everyone. Lots of multimedia resources are available for teachers and students to make the most of their learning experience and to share their outcomes with other peers and schools.

GCP had been created in 2018 with the aim of connect people with the SDGs in the formal educational system and to get K12 children to reflect on socio-environmental problems that affect them daily and develop skills to understand and face these “glocal” problems devising and designing creative solutions.

In this way we find an extraordinary opportunity to improve a public policy oriented to integral literacy, digital and sexual education, construction of a global citizenship, gender equality as core ideas. Today all these lines of public policy fail to articulate and experience effective practices in classrooms in a systematic and systemic way to improve educational quality and social promotion.


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