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A digital wellness program designed to engage and foster the retention of core cyber safety lessons for children 6-11.

Garfield's Cyber Safety Adventures

Florida, USA
Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures comes in a ready-to-teach Educator Kit with everything you need for 30 students. From the lesson cartoons, to the comic books, trading cards and privacy stickers, the lesson is developed in support of cybersecurity professionals for hands-on activities that educates and informs children about cyber safety.

Making the cyber world a safer place for everyone

“The students were engaged and asked many questions. They all had stories of situations they've encountered and how this program has provided them with answers on how to handle themselves in the future”

What we do?

The Center for Cyber Safety and Education (Center), the nonprofit of (ISC)2, is committed to making the cyber world a safer place for everyone through our educational programs, scholarships, and research. (ISC)2 is the world’s largest nonprofit membership association of 140,000 certified cybersecurity professionals focused on inspiring a safe and secure cyber world. 

Why we do it?

To empower children, teachers and families to secure their online life.

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Tips for implementation
Each Educator Kit includes a lesson plan with all the information you need before you get started. Review the materials and schedule 20-30 minutes to complete the lesson. Make sure you have a projector available to show the cartoon lesson.

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Garfield's Cyber Safety Adventures at Seffner Elementary School
Garfield's Cyber Safety Adventures Educator Kit Unboxing


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