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Using Classcraft you can gamify any kind of class and collaborate in the evaluation

Gamifying Your Class

Marker Almada, Portugal
We believe that games can help to achieve more from our students and develop new skills and competencies. Having that in mind, we have gamified our classes with Classcraft (www.classcraft.com) and share soft skills evaluation among teachers. Students now play/work together in groups and each one has a different hero with different powers, having to collaborate and help each other along the way.

Gamify any Class

“To play on classes? Why not?”

Project Coordinator and Physics/Chemistry Teacher

We learn playing games and we start playing in our early age. With games, we can develop diferent skills and competencies and reinforce good behaviors. With the use of Classcraft in the class we can gamify any class in a easy way and open a door to games.

Focus on the need - how does this kind of innovation help schools? Tell a little bit about the innovation´s history and describe how it was created. You can add images and videos to this part if you feel it would be beneficial. This introduction should be 3-6 paragraphs long and easy to understand."

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Intended Outcomes
6 - 18
Age Group
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Create your accont in Classcraft
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Create your Class
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Create or add students to your class
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Customize the evaluation/rules and share the class
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Install the App in your mobile and start the game!
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