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Fundación Fruto Bendito

Iguales con Amor

The Fundación Fruto Bendito works with low-income families in Colombia to provide them with personalized support and education, with the goal of growing with opportunities. The organization promotes love, well-being and family follow-up, with the goal of improving family relationships and infant growth through a HealthTech. To reduce the numbers caused by the lack of education, extreme poverty



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Target group
June 2024
The change that we seek to make through our innovation are, first to be able to train the new generations with the power to reduce social inequality, and as through the creation of opportunities regardless of their economic status can get ahead, They also seek to raise awareness and educate in the power to have a conscious pregnancy. Forming more integrated generations.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

We created this innovation because we want to become a community that supports early childhood, that believes that children and their families deserve dignified opportunities to contribute to the reduction of poverty, and to support early childhood.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

The program Iguales con amor of the FOundation Fruto Bendito works in two stages the first is the delivery of cribs and kits and the second training and accompaniment:
Stage 1: Delivery of cribs and care kits, At this stage, cribs and care kits are delivered to vulnerable families. In which cribs are made from corrugated cardboard, designed so that babies can have a safe sleep. Care kits include clothing, diapers, towels and hygiene products.
Stage 2: at this stage the foundation offers training and accompaniment to the families that are part of the program, promoting upbringing with love and respect. These trainings are carried out through workshops and talks (child development, basic care, positive discipline, prevention of child abuse). The accompaniment is done individually or in groups.

How has it been spreading?

With multiple partnerships with private and public entities we have been able to reach thousands of families, currently we have been able to reach families through the cribs, so that children have a space of "Sueño Seguro", impacting about 8500 since the beginning of the foundation. Also, through education in terms of breastfeeding, baby care and nurturing with love.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

First, being a mother or infant, you can go to the foundation in order to belong to the programs, which protect ensure early childhood, providing security and working hand in hand with the same families. To prove it and be part of the program equal with love of the Blessed Fruit Foundation. On the other hand, you can make donations and volunteers, to form part of our team.

Implementation steps

Government Plan
The first step to become part of our innovation would be to be part of a government plan which is allied with the foundation, as would be the case of the Kangaroo Plan with which the foundation is allied with the government.
Plan Bendito
The second step would be reaching the families through the Plan Bendito, which would impact or reach each family by means of a crib to be able to have a better connection and more approach with each family, seeking to provide security, building safeenvironments. Where the pregnant mother can have more confidente having a conscious pregnancy.
Educational talks
Through educational talks, mothers are better educated about a conscious pregnancy and how to bring a baby into the world, knowing the care it entails , giving them support and constant follow-up so that they can feel safe at every step.
Constant monitoring
Finally, the constant monitoring of mothers and their families will help to strengthen the training and thus to generate a more complete learning, in which they are more aware of their pregnancy and how to carry it after pregnancy.

Spread of the innovation

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