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Tony Wagner (Harvard) says "ask students to display their work on free websites." See their work at High Tech Schools TinyURL.com/sunHTHDPS

Free websites for students to show their work

Marker Oakland Park, United States
Students at High Tech High schools display their work on free websites TINYURL.com/SunDP5 (digital portfolios). See bigpicture.org and hightechhigh.org You can see websites created by some students at High Tech High at TINYURL.com/sunHTHdps --- I show these pages to my students. They ask, "How do I make a free website?" Show your students how to get free websites at TINYURL.com/FWPstart

"What can students do?"

“"The single most important thing you could do tomorrow for little to no money is have every student establish a digital portfolio where they collect their best work as evidence of their skills. Where they’re working with their teachers and other adults to present their best work, to iterate their best work, so that they actually have real progress they can show." -- Tony Wagner, Harvard University”

Steve McCrea, instructor

Tony Wagner (Harvard) said, "The world doesn't care what you know.  The world wants to see what you can do with what you have learned."

Students at High Tech High schools in California have been putting their school work (and other accomplishments) on free websites for more than a decade.  You can see their work at https:/www.TINYURL.com/sunHTHdps

You can ask your students to show what they know.... and what they have DONE with what they have learned.   The free procedure is located at TINYURL.com/FWPStart.

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A list of projects by Matt Blazek tinyURL.com/BlazekProjects An example of a "big project" (by Chang and Yu) TinyURL.com/SunNHDArchive tinyURL.com/SunNHD Free "how to" ebook about portfolios See examples of portfolios Abel Thon TinyURL.com/AbelSite Ben Staley TinyURL.com/BenStaleyDP TinyURL.com/ExampleDP How to develop the mindset to build portfolios (1) Personal History Workbook TinyURL.com/PersonalHistoryEbook (2) Video about the Personal History Workbook TinyURL.com/PersonalHistoryWorkbook (3) Littky's Big Picture ebook TinyURL.com/LittkyChapter1 TinyURL.com/LittkyChapter4 (4) Radio interview with Littky TinyURL.com/LittkyRadio (5) Fischler's ebook to train teachers TinyURL.com/FischlerEbook (6) Fischler's seven posters TinyURL.com/FischlerPosters (7) How to build portfolios TinyURL.com/SunDP5 (8) Blog about Free Websites FreeWebsiteProject.blogspot.com (9) The 11-step process TinyURL.com/ (10) tour of the High Tech High school with Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey TinyURL.com/BillGatesOprahHTH (11) Larry Rosenstock, founder, explains HTH's process TinyURL.com/LarryHTH (12) Free ebook "Show Your Work" TinyURL.com/ShowYourWork about portfolios See the Center for Projects, Presentations and Portfolios TinyURL.com/CPPPSite TinyURL.com/CPPPcenter
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It's a delight when a student asks, "Can you show me how to make a free website?"
Steve McCrea
how do i publish? where is the publish button?
Steve McCrea


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