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Real life skills & tools for social emotional learning & wellbeing to realize potential

Free The Mind Co / Freeing Freddie The Dream Weaver

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Using dynamic characters we give skills and tools to live a meaningful, fulfilled life. With a deeper understanding of yourself, you create a base to connect, love & discover an amazing world to manifest your dreams.Our emotions are the most powerful aspect of who we are. It is imperative to understand how these impact ourselves and others in our lives. Our model is holistic to support children.
"The greatest gift you can give a child is a sense of self" "...It is together that all people and the earth will have harmony and natural abundance. We are one and the earth is one with us..."

Brent Henry - Co-Founder Kim Normand Dobrin - Co Founder


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Updated on June 22nd, 2022
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Why did you create this innovation?

Fear and anxiety is a major issue & prevents potential. It is not spoken about and way too many do not have skills and tools to deal with it. Knowing our emotions is the base of being human and all relationships. Especially with ourselves. Dreaming is essential. It is disturbing to see how many do not know how to dream. Seeing teachers, parents & children struggling was our inspiration

How does your innovation work in practice?

Using dynamic, relatable, fun characters we have both on line & hard copy interactive material for children, parents & teachers.
SEL for us is fun, engaging and interactive.
SUPER EXCITING online program that takes our curriculum onto tech to use globally in English, Spanish & Arabic.
The books are delightful and illustrated by an animator creating magical interactions.
Our intervention uses a holistic approach that supports self discovery and growth for teachers, parents and children.
By doing this we encourage and support an environment that covers all areas and ages of a child's life integrating the lessons that we are dealing with.
The teacher/parent training happens alongside or firstly to take the teacher/parent through their own processes. we believe you cannot teach what you have nt experienced yourself.
The books - storybooks, craft sticker book, workbooks and online program can be used independently, self led at school & home

How has it been spreading?

We believe strongly in partnerships.Our work is being used in South Africa, India, USA
As an Ashoka Fellow, Catalyst 2030 member & Karanga with our own amazing team we are working together to reach many more.
We believe with collaboration we make real sustainable and impactful impact for all.
We are working with schools and districts in USA and organisations both in SA and India.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

for our children's on line program -


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July 2021
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