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Finland Education Hub

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Making Education Relevant

Finland Education Hub is transforming the current systems of education in India by integrating them with world renowned Finnish education


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Target group
Students early
November 2023
There is an urgent need to educate learners on skills and competencies that are relevant today and tomorrow, not their past. Finland Education Hub is working with partner schools to provide skills and competencies to children such that they can flourish in the unknown future. Finland Education Hub works closely with its partner to build internal capacity within their schools for quality education.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

The current systems of school education in India are the same as those during industrialization. Since then, we have placed performance on grades and test scores above everything else. The skills relevant to the world we live in remain nonexistent of our curriculum. The outdated lecture model, rote memorization, excessive testing and exam papers remain the dominant educational pedagogy

What does your innovation look like in practice?

Finland Education Hub (FEH) is creating meaningful improvement in India’s school education system by embedding and adapting Finnish education practices to the local education ecosystem. FEH service offerings are designed in a way that fit into the ground reality of Indian schools and add value to the quality of education disseminated at each tier of the socio-economic strata.
To emulate the Joy and ease of a Finnish classroom without cloning it, To preserve the rich cultural diversity of India while adapting activity based learning and other core experiential learning concepts into the curriculum and to up-skill teachers to take the baton of nurturing individuals with personalized attention.

How has it been spreading?

The success of adapting Finnish based concepts into the Indian curriculum has been trailblazing since we began this journey in November 2021. The approach makes for creatively robust and highly competent teachers. The children are a happier, confident, creative bunch that can think outside conventional boxes and can communicate effectively.

We started with 2 school partners in November 2021 and as of today we have 18 partner schools in India from both Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities. Our focus area is to develop and upgrade schools in Tier 2 cities of India, and we plan to grow more than 300% by 2025 while partnering with 70+ schools in India. Finland Education Hub provides educational services for schools right from Pre K until Grade 12. These services are modular and easily scalable

If I want to try it, what should I do?

You are most welcome to connect with our partner schools or even better if you can visit. These schools have successfully blended Finnish learning concepts with Indian curriculum to deliver transformational learning experience for children. Our partner schools dont just deliver education but also educate parents on Finnish pedagogy and how its best for their child.

Implementation steps

Feasbility Assessment
This is a step where we thoroughly understand the enviornment where implementation needs to be carried out, at this stage we study about the demographics of the school, the society, prospective parent profile, cultural influences and most importantly paying capacity of parents
Learning Enviornment Consulting
Learning environments refer to the facilities, locations, communities, practices, and equipment which support children’s growth, learning and interaction.” Well-functioning learning environments promote interaction, participation and communal building of knowledge. The spatial recommendations we provide are based on Finnish space recommendations
Hiring of Leadership & Main teachers
This is a key step in the process as we want the right people with right mindset managing the school. We get involved extensively in leadership and teachers hiring to ensure there is good blend of experience and passion and openess to learning. In India, due to lack of training support, teachers need a lot of handholding
Training of school leadership & teachers
Through our Professional Development programs, educators will learn about the strengths of Finnish pedagogy, skills to observe students and collect and analyze student data and improve effectiveness of teaching and hence student performance. The educator will also develop technological skills, develop an understanding of and be able to implement play and discovery-based learning and work in collaboration with colleagues and parents.
Annual Suppport
After helping setup the school and induction of teachers. We continue to support our partner schools for the term of the agreement i.e. 5 years. During this time, we are open to all kinds of questions, concerns, feedback anything the school wants to share. We also constantly review and revise our educational content such that the learning always stay relevant. Finland Education Hub is only Finnish provider in India that offers complete local support to its schools.

Spread of the innovation

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