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Erase All Kittens is an innovative web-based platform game, designed from the ground-up to eliminate the fear that girls have of technology

Erase All Kittens

London, United Kingdom
EAK is totally unique, because as players progress they can edit the real code that governs the game environment - building and fixing levels as they play. Kids can learn coding languages such as HTML to save kittens in a fantasy internet universe. Our approach has been to design a game that girls genuinely love - one that places a huge emphasis on creativity and feels more like a mainstream game

Inspiring the next generation of girls to code

“Here is what Noa Wigdortz, the eight year old daughter of the CEO of Teach First, said about E.A.K. after playing - “I never did coding before, and didn’t know what it was, but now I know it’s fun. I wish there were more levels. I’m sure girls would like it if they knew how fun it was.” ”

Dee Saigal, CEO

Erase All Kittens is a web-based platform game that will teaches kids aged 8-14 real coding languages, and helps to eliminate their fear of technology by gamifying the learning process. This project would provide a new, innovative way to help close the gender gap in technology.

Other code education tools aren’t designed to appeal to girls, and they also don’t teach real-world coding languages - only the concepts of coding (e.g. computational thinking). E.A.K. is disruptive as it will be incredibly engaging to girls - we immersed ourselves in the culture of our target audience to invent a gamified, story-driven approach to teach new skills. E.A.K. is also unique because as players progress, they can edit the code that governs the game environment, i.e. learning by building and fixing levels as they play.

We have collected data from 12,000 feedback forms - from children who have played E.A.K.

It has been found that less than 18% of girls are learning to code, after school. 55% of all E.A.K’s 130,000 players are girls, and 95% want to learn more about code, after playing.

Since 2015, we have received thousands of messages, from children, teachers, parents and organisations, wanting more levels, and to know when the full game will be released.

In 2015 we beta-tested E.A.K. at Oasis Academies, a group of 47 schools in the UK, with huge success (see: After twelve months of beta-testing, several Oasis teachers and Liz Hankin, the educational consultant for Oasis schools, summarised that E.A.K. didn’t just successfully teach girls to code - it encouraged them to become researchers, teachers, problem solvers, team builders, writers and designers, as well as coders.

Solely through word-of-mouth, the new version of E.A.K. (60 minutes content) already has 130,000 players around the world - 30% from the UK, and 44% from the US. 

Our extensive research on girls and code education has been printed in several UK publications this year, including Newsweek, 


Business Reporter (see: and The Huffington Post (see

We have recently partnered with CoderDojo (1600+ code clubs globally) and this year, we are planning on making the biggest impact in Lebanon and Damascus - working with Techfugees on E.A.K coding workshops for girls. We are also creating a “Global E.A.K.” initiative where thousands of E.A.K. accounts will be given to girls in less developed areas of the world, who have access to computers at school.

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Innovation Overview
8 - 13
Age Group
1 025
Tips for implementation
Access to a laptop (windows or mac) The game is brought online from our website, we give bulk accounts to schools and the game is updated regularly, parents can buy it from the website too, it costs £4 currently, this year we are making an Ipad version which will be ready by June 2018, the game would then be 3 hours long and teach CSS and JavaScript too along with HTML that we currently teach, it will be priced on a £1 per month subscription model The game currently stands at 60 minutes of live play, we also give 3 hours of lesson plans to school teachers with accounts for their students.
Contact information
HundrED Review

Erase All Kittens is the first game built from the ground up to appeal to girls and teach them professional coding skills.


Erase all Kittens prepares the next generation with coding skills, bringing innovation into classroom to enable teachers to be facilitators. This game engages autonomous independent learning, alongside team building through workshops on coding.


To use Erase All Kittens you just need the internet and a tablet - the game works best on Google chrome. By the end of the year, the game will also be available on PC and iOS!


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