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Energize Schools

The Energize Schools program supports project-based learning and community-based sustainability projects for K-12 students.

Energize Schools helps students develop career skills in the environmental sector and effectively advocate for sustainability initiatives within their school, district, and community. Our mission is to engage, inspire, and empower students to pursue sustainability careers through curriculum, teacher trainings, classroom instruction, community projects, and green career conferences.



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July 2018
I think this might influence my future because someday I might become a person that works with energy efficiency.

About the innovation

What is Energize Schools

Energize Schools is a project ofStrategic Energy Innovationsthat launched in 2013 to help schools invest in energy efficiency and renewable energy projects while engagingstudents in energy conservation, education, and leadership.

Today, our team of professionals and educators are helping high schools across California transform education while focusing on energy and environmental literacy. Ourprograms are designed to make it easy and affordable for schools to reduce resource use and engage students in sustainability education and leadership.

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