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Students can finally check every step of their own math solution and learn from their mistakes


Turku, Finland
eMath Studio addresses the biggest problem in today's math education, the broken feedback loop. It has an automatic checker that can check students' calculations step-by-step. It shows the students their mistakes, so they can correct some themselves, as well as everything they did correctly giving them confidence to carry on and ask specific questions where they need help.

Learning math should not be a privilege

“"Math is about reasoning, solving problems and logically moving from one step to another. These skills are essential in life. And as a digital society, we really can't afford to not understand math"”

Ralph-Johan Back, CEO and Founder of Four Ferries

What we do?

We are a team of teachers, mathematicians, computer scientists and parents, who are devoted to making math more understandable and pointing math education in a better direction. We have combined our revelations in eMath Studio, a learning platform  featuring digital math notebooks where students can check their own assignments automatically and teachers can grade homework with one click. It gives teachers and students the chance to focus on learning, with all the advantages that immediate personal feedback brings with it. While other math applications focus on drilling, learning patterns, and telling you how to solve a problem, eMath Studio looks at your solution, and not just the answer, every step of the solution, the way you solved it, and tells you where you have calculated correctly and where you might have made a mistake. It is a student's personal tutor, a teachers helper and a parents dream.

Why we do it?

We believe that everybody should have a chance to learn math. Good grades in math often opens up doors to further education and decently paid jobs. In math everything builds on the previous steps, so missing something means it is difficult to ever catch up. We see that this can be prevented with the help of immediate personal feedback. No teacher has the time to check all solutions, but the automatic checker does have that time and makes it possible to give that personal feedback to everyone anytime.

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Innovation Overview
Target Group
4 000
Tips for implementation
Go to and create an account to start using eMathStudio. eMathStudio is free during school closures due to Covid-19. Use your own textbooks, digital or printed, or eMath textbooks included in the platform. Students can solve assignments digitally or add photos with their phones.
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