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follow-up and evaluation inside house and school

Education is everyone's responsibility

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Follow up at home and school, Creating a competitive environment for students that encourages innovation, Preserving equality among learners by Renewing the opportunity to compete on a weekly basis to evaluate performance , Create motivation for learning and e-learning, Highlighting the best on a weekly basis in follow-up items within the home and school.
There is no objection to a teacher and a founder of a startup like me from participating in the development of education for sustainable development using artificial intelligence,



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Updated on July 23rd, 2021
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Why did you create this innovation?

To obtain an investment in the startup that provides smart solutions in education

How does your innovation work in practice?

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(Parents )
1- Involving parents in education as responsible by Following up in (Health and fitness, Time management, Hobbies, Respect others , Academic achievement) and link it to school.
2-Get weekly feedback from teachers

(Students )
1-Creating a competitive environment for students that encourages innovation.
2-Equality for all students by considering all students at the top at the start of each week and renewing the opportunity for competition
3-Active learning in form of social media outside the school at anytime .
4-Helping students to improve their performance
5-Increase motivation for learning by rewarding students and supporting from partners

(Teachers and School managers)
1-Save time and effort while evaluating students’ performance
2-Easily Preparing and printing group and individual reports
3- Helping school manager to analyze performance of teachers and students
4- Communicate with parents on a daily basis through school account.

How has it been spreading?

The project has been tried in Kuwait since 2017 and has been interacting with students, and this can be seen clearly from students' contributions within the application

If I want to try it, what should I do?

The application can be used by all Android and Apple devices

It can also be used through the website on computers!/Language/



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June 2019
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