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Planning and Budgeting tool for effective school delivery services for Countries.

Education Chair

The primary objectives of this Project Proposal is Strengthening statistical capacity to support planning and budgeting toward quality education by allocation of classrooms and learners in primary and secondary education in Africa and the world by the Government Department of Education.

What is Education Chair?

“PROGRESS OF GOAL SDG 4 IN 2019 • Many developing countries still lack basic infrastructure and facilities to provide effective learning environments. Sub-Saharan Africa faces the biggest challenges: ”


What we do?There is a need for an innovative idea for the Department of Education to advance and develop new strategies in addressing the problems faced with availability of school classrooms for students, especially in the Primary and Secondary schools. “Education Chair” is a new idea (Planning and Budgeting tool) that has much focus on classroom allocation for students which in return will allow the education department to Plan in advance on the allocation of classrooms to students. It is a model that will allow the education department to know in advance how many classrooms are needed for the students who are attending primary and secondary as well as budget accordingly for the ones whom are not yet in school.

This could be an important opportunity for the Government Education department to come up with this different approach that will add more value to the Department in the areas of Planning and Budgeting. By having a strong planning and budgeting tool for classrooms allocation will ensures that the Department of Education will continue to be relevant to the needs of the students by ensuring that there are classrooms available to the students all the time thus improving quality education and service delivery.

As education departments are changing legislature review through the world, systems integration needs to be consolidated to ensure quality improvements over the changes that will affect the direction in which the education department is moving towards.

Why we do it?By having accurate numbers/data of students who needs classrooms placement will allow the Government Department of education to plan and budget in advance and make provision to the students who needs placement in both primary and secondary schools and for the ones whom are not yet in school, by calculating the urban growth rate and movement to and from regions/districts will allow the education department to know exactly where the student/younger and older (population) who need classrooms placements and thus will plan and budget accordingly to ensure that there are available classrooms for the students, as well as adding the number of children who are born in a certain region/district will allow the education department to know how many classrooms/schools are needed per student for all schools from primary, secondary, university, vocational schools and up to colleges.

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Project closure and Sustainability: • Quarterly updating of database in Countries. • Routine Training of personnel on the use of the statistical database software (Intermediary, Refreshers and Advance course) • Research and components advances in the database to address the classroom challenge.
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