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We believe in the power of knowledge by innovation and new methods, creating a new study method: we are an educational challenge


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ED-Challenge is an educational innovation that seeks to inspire children in a different way by breaking the traditional learning paradigm. All this through the use of technology and two concepts: "SOLE" (Self Organized Learning environment) developed by Sugata Mitra and the crowd accelerated innovation by Chris Anderson; challenging students to create solution videos for big questions

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Updated on May 12th, 2021
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Do we need a new learning method?

Our organization is born of the idea that the new generations need new forms of communication and learning, therefore it is necessary to understand what these voices want to say and what they want to learn. A big part of the problems in the current educational system, worldwide, have to do with the strong disconnection between young people and knowledge and the disinterest that this provokes when turning the study into an unpleasant activity.

One of the most important premises of modern education systems are assessments such as exams and exhibitions; activities in which students are placed under stress to respond specific as possible and not to use their creative potential in innovative ideas. The situation of the Venezuelan education system is not an exception to this rule, and there is a growing dropout among young people (especially in public schools) and academic performance is a growing alarming figure in relation to the progress of the rest of the world.

While in other countries increased economic investment in educational plans, in Venezuela is increasingly reduced to improve and innovate in education, this makes measures such as the delivery of electronic equipment (such as the Canaimitas) stagnate in a circle of social-assistance that has little impact in the final statistics that are so important to change (Desertion and academic performance), that is why it becomes necessary to reinvent the methodologies to make the new generations be able to change the country in a course that suits the needs of the country and encompassed with the sustainable goals for 2030.


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October 2017
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Inspired to implement this? Here's how...

Choose the community / organization.
It is necessary to choose the community where it is going to work, to know the leaders and main actors of the same to be able to understand the main problems that affect all the members of the same and the following steps must be followed:
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Presentation to the community.
In this phase the presentation is made to all members of the community where it has been decided to intervene
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In this phase the challenge begins, except for the first step of this phase, the procedure is identical for each room or group once the process begins.
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Final Meeting
A final meeting will be organized with all the groups to close the activity.
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