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While there is sea, there is life!


Our mission is to contribute to the preservation of seas and coasts as a national priority and to create a country that has reached sustainable development goals for future generations. Taking its strength from public support, our vision is to become the most effective force behind the implementation and execution of national and international laws and treaties for the protection.
Blue Training for a Blue Future
"The sea produces over half of the world's oxygen and absorbs 50 times more carbon dioxide than our atmosphere"

Blue Training for a Blue Future


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Updated on October 2nd, 2021
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Why did you create this innovation?

Our main aim is to protect marine environment against marine litter and create awareness about marine conservation through our training and education programs designed for various target groups. Through these trainings we make people aware of the importance of seas, as every one of the two breath that we take comes from seas and oceans which produce %50-70 of the oxygen needed for life.

How does your innovation work in practice?

DenizTemiz Association develops and executes trainings in schools, private institutions and initiates advocacy campaigns to create public awareness on marine environment protection, marine litter and plastic pollution to protect the seas and water resources. With 6 waste collection boats, the organization collects waste water from private yachts and touristic boats in Mediterranean bays. With a sea sweeper boat the organization collects marine litter in Bosphorus as well. With over 9.000 volunteers, the organization also runs advocacy campaigns and conducts coastal cleanups.

TURMEPA's projects are in line with 4 SDGs, namely SDG 4 “Quality Education”, SDG 13 “Climate Action” and also SDG 14 “Life Below Water” which is directly connected to TURMEPA's mission.

TURMEPA has been conducting various national and international projects on subjects such as "Zero Waste", "Climate change", "Waste management", "Plastics" , "Water footprint" , "STEAM-based marine projects" and so on.

How has it been spreading?

TURMEPA had been reaching various groups of audiences from different age groups with its educations, trainings, awareness raising activities, campaigns etc for years.

In addition to educating students on marine issues to save the sea, TURMEPA has been training the trainers so that they can spread the word on the significance of protecting marine environment and educate younger generations.

With the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic, TURMEPA switched its materials from analog to digital and experienced the new fully online education system. Since then TURMEPA has reached over 550.000 people with its online educations.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

We are open for further collaboration on similar or new projects for the sake of protecting the marine environment.

Depending on the nature of the project TURMEPA trains the trainers, follows their progress and gives feedback.

TURMEPA encourages peer learning as well as project-based learning through face to face or online education and also by integrating technology to its programs.


See this innovation in action

The Blue Detectives
The Blue Detectives consist of groups of eager highschool students who are passionate about sea, want to raise their own awareness on marine environment and also help their peers to gain the necessary information regarding its protection. After being taught on the significance of sea and the related subjects such as climate change, Zero Waste, deposit system etc. the Blue Detectives reach their peers at their own schools and not only teach them on these subjects, but also initiate various projects to help save the sea. To disseminate the information, The Blue Detective groups from different schools gather together to discuss marine problems, share their experiences and the results of the projects they implemented at their own schools and offer solutions.
Marine Education Project
The project has been carried out for seven consecutive years in rural schools of Muğla and Aydın. The project aims to reach rural students and teach them the significance of renewable energy, the importance of recycling, zero waste etc. by providing various educations and activities. After the related trainings, the students made their own projects based on previously introduced subjects. In the seventh year of the project STEAM trainings and educations were added to the program and students made their own marine-based STEAM projects.
Sustainability of Turkish Strait System-Dardanelles Project
Project Video The main purpose of the project was to increase the quality of Turkish Straits System’s ecosystem. TURMEPA has achieved this goal by training people, creating awareness, and collaborating with local people for the benefit of the marine animals and locals’ lives.  TURMEPA’s main target groups were local people, local authorities, university students, fishermen, captains, industries and many other organizations in Çanakkale. During 27 months of the project, TURMEPA reached 3200 people through its trainings in 6 provinces of Çanakkale. Within this period 5. 6 00 minutes of training was provided for participants at 18 schools and 131 organizations.
Deep Blue Sea Education Camp
Deep Blue Sea Education Camp-2019TURMEPA's Deep Blue Sea Education Camp has been created for the purposes of raising awareness of students onmarine ecosystem, contributing to their self-discovery and to ensure that young people become citizens who are conscious about the sea. Every year, many children from all around Turkey come together to enjoy new experiences in this camp.
TURMEPA presented Sabri Ülker Environment Award, which was established to increase individual and social examples of ensuring sustainability of environment in Turkey since 2013. The award recognises environmental projects and helps them come into being.
Underwater Waste Exhibition and Education Workshop
Underwater Waste Exhibition and Education Workshop-2020Each year students aged from 6 to 14 visit Underwater Waste Exhibition and Education Workshop. This workshop aims at raising awareness of children and training them on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations set for 2030 by focusing on Clean Water and Sanitation, Affordable and Clean Energy, Climate Action and Life Below Water headings. Via independent liability method, participants learn through experience during 90-minute outdoor activities. 
Integrated Land-use Management Modelling of Black Sea Estuaries
The project of Integrated Land-use Management Modelling of Black Sea Estuaries (ILMM-BSE) is financed by the Second call of the Joint Operational Programme “Black Sea Basin 2007 – 2013” under Priority 2, Measure 2.1. Its duration is 24 months and the total budget is € 1.344.782.42, of which 90% is EU funding. Partners in the project are – Applicant: Bourgas Regional Tourism Association (BRTA)-Bulgaria; ENPI Partners: Bourgas Prof. Assen Zlatarov University-Bulgaria, Ukrainian Marine Environment Protection Association-Ukraine; Civitas Georgica-Georgia; IPA Financial Beneficiary: Hayrabolu Municipality (HBM)-Turkey, IPA Partners: Turkish Marine Environment Protection Association-Turkey, Namık Kemal University-Turkey. The overall objective of the project is to develop, enhance, and evaluate the assessment and management tools for the sustainable land use of the watershed areas of coastal deltas. The specific objectives are; to create an integrated database system involving all relevant European research and application practices; to foster communication and collaboration on land management. For the target deltas; to develop land-use models for target deltas, to induce a cooperative institutional structure, to create cooperation and networking among scientists. For the land developers and decision makers in Black Sea basin; to develop an environmental education program. The target groups are academicians, researchers and experts of local universities and research institutions. The final beneficiaries are representatives and members of local NGOs, representatives and officials of local authorities and administrations.
TURMEPA in 26 Years
I PROMISE TO *Prevent pollution of our seas and shores, * Encourage, improve, and extend the participation in the fight against pollution, * Leave a healthy and habitable environment for future generations, * Develop innovation and creativity capacities with a view to developing a good solution, * Use ulternatives instead of consuming disposable plastics * Support the cyclical economy through Zero Waste Blue.
The purpose of the training kit is to raise awareness and consciousness around students in regards of protecting the marine environment. Instead of giving direct information about marine environment, the education set highlights the reasons and importance of why we should protect the sea, and what can be done to preserve the ecosystem in the Black Sea.Target Group: Junior-High School Students, (Classes between 5th - 8th grades) and High School Students- Teachers (Class between 9th - 12th gredes)


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