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A global e-learning platform that brings educators and learners on the same page.

DaMon Education

Los Angeles, California, USA
DaMon Education (pronounced as /dɑː mɔːn ˌɛd͡ʒʊˈkeɪʃn̩/) is an e-learning platform that connects learners with instructors and the first online knowledge exchange marketplace for Vietnamese people living all around the world. Our mission is to provide high-quality, affordable, and flexible courses to help our learners become polymathic, multilingual, multicultural, and multi-skilled.

One website that brings learners, instructors, and companies across the world on the same page

Nadia Thu Huong Ho - Founder, DaMon Education
“I want people of any background to be able to reach for equal opportunities, go in any direction of their choice, and fulfill any dream without being stopped by boundaries.”

Nadia Thu Huong Ho - Founder, DaMon Education

What we do?

DaMon Education is an online education and communication platform that connects learners and educators through a virtual classroom solution that enables live interactions and video lectures. We thrive to disrupt the traditional test-based learning and promote mastery learning through our innovative courses.

Why we do it?

To be competitive in today’s globalized world, there is an urgent need for people around the world to have adequate, flexible, and reliable access to online learning, training, and mentorship.

Currently, there is a large number of Vietnamese and foreign teachers who are promoting their online courses targeted at the Vietnamese audience on Facebook pages or personal websites. They have to spend time, effort, and money to attract students. Besides that, if students and teachers live in different countries, cross-border payments might be an issue for them. On the other hand, students, especially those who live in the remote areas of Vietnam, are encountering challenges in finding suitable teachers for their educational needs in their place of residence. It is also hard for students to verify their teachers' credentials and abilities. As a platform that integrates diverse online courses targeted at the Vietnamese audience, DaMon Education aims to solve all these issues. 

Our aspiration is to see more and more young Vietnamese who are eloquent in foreign languages, who are not afraid to take opportunities that the globalized world offers, and who aspire to become confident, talented leaders that the modern world needs.

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