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Training pupils to safeguard themselves from risks in internet and to disseminate their newly acquired knowledge among their peers.

Cyberscout Training Programme

Sofia, Bulgaria
A 2-day intensive workshop, based on interactive training methods and ‘peer-to-peer education’. It raises awareness and develops skills for early recognition of the most common online risks and the ways of prevention and reaction (by reporting or/and seeking advice from the experts of the Centre). Students develop skills for team work, presentation, peer education and critical thinking as well.

What is Cyberscout Training Programme?

What we do?

This is a Training Programme developed by the Safer Internet Centre. It proved to be one of the best models of the Centre toward the protection and empowerment of children and young people while online by raising awareness, critical thinking. By increasing digital literacy skills among children and youth it has been promoting the positive, safe and responsible use of Internet and information and communication technologies. 

Why we do it?

We put our efforts to ensure that children become capable and responsible young adults, who can use the ICTs to grow up into successful and active citizens. Teaching them digital and media literacy skills encourages them to take advantage of the opportunities of the digital era. They can be more self-expressive, and can work on their self-development by getting to know the world around them and communicating with their peers respecting their rights and views and adapting to the new, different and constantly changing situations and problems in the digital environment. 

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Innovation Overview
Target Group
5 000
Tips for implementation
The schools are invited to apply for the free-of-charge training on annual basis. The selected schools form groups of up to 30 pupils. Priority is given to mixed groups from several towns, schools or at least from several classes and also including children from more vulnerable communities.
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