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Cyber Eco

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Cyber Eco - School Field Visits Project

The project involves designing and implementing a series of interactive training and awareness workshops in the field of cybersecurity and digital safety. These workshops target students from public and private schools, teachers, and parents in Qatar with educational content and various interactive training activities. An award-winning project which obtained the champions award at WSIS 2024.


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Target group
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June 2024
The core concept of the Cyber Eco project revolves around offering educational training content to students in various educational stages. The content is delivered through flexible activates and events to ensure students engagement. The project aims to avoid traditional instructional training methods and instead introduce innovative and educational content.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

1. Raising awareness among school students about cybersecurity.
2. Addressing growing security challenges related to internet use and social media.
3. Preparing children and adolescents on how to protect personal data and the safety of electronic devices.
4. Understanding general concepts related to cybersecurity and digital safety.
5. Cultivation of cybersecurity talents among school students.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

Within the Cyber Eco project, a set of interactive training and awareness workshops were designed and implemented in the field of cybersecurity and digital safety, targeting students with educational content and various training activities. Each workshop lasts two hours and includes:
1. Visual presentations on specific topics related to digital safety.
2. Distribution of printed booklets on the same topics, complementing the visual content.
3. Training materials to ensure understanding and practice of the information.
4. Various games and competitions among students during the workshop.
5. Informational group competitions in cybersecurity for students.
6. Competitive group challenges about digital safety.
7. Interactive games on cybersecurity principles and challenges.
8. Artistic competitions on cybersecurity symbols and fields.
9. Graduation projects

How has it been spreading?

The project focuses on field visits to public and private schools at all educational levels. This is executed by National Cyber Security Agency (NCSA) coordinating with schools and educational entities, in collaboration with The Ministry of Education and Higher Education. As of now more than 105 government and private schools have been visited, and more than 6,000 students benefited in just a year.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

This could be done by reaching out to the Excellence Department in the National Cyber Security Agency in Qatar.

Implementation steps

Awareness Videos
Nine awareness videos (2-3 minutes each, in Arabic) on topics such as cybersecurity controls for cloud computing, phishing attacks, IMAP4 protocol, content security policy (CSP), cybersecurity risks, copyright, internet fraud, web bots, and device protection.
Printed Interactive Games
Several training games providing information related to cybersecurity and digital safety concepts in an entertaining and competitive manner.
Electronic Interactive Games
Training games teaching students and adolescents the basics of digital security and programming principles, ensuring maximum student engagement.
Training Kits
Kits for students, teachers, and parents on nine vital topics in cybersecurity, including training exercises, a trainer’s bag, and presentation slides. Topics include cloud computing security controls, phishing attacks, IMAP4 protocol, CSP, cybersecurity risks, copyright, internet fraud, web bots, and device protection.
Instructional guides for teachers, trainers, and parents, detailing the project's nature, expected returns, roles during workshops, and best practices for digital safety.
Children's Illustrated Stories
Illustrated stories on digital safety topics for children, such as virtual friends, electronic games, how to protect your computer, online game store, cyber storyteller tales, and bots and the algorithm team.
Graduation Projects
Students will be divided into small working groups to study ambitious ideas in various fields of cybersecurity and digital safety, turning them into graduation projects. A cybersecurity trainer will supervise and support each group technically until project completion. Outstanding projects will be selected for a final competition among all target schools, with winners honored in the final ceremony.
School field visits and workshops
To activate all the material provided, school visits and workshops are conducted through the innovative educational content. The concept also involves employing a well-qualified implementation team consisting of two levels (Academic level, Educational Level).

Spread of the innovation

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