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A shared, fun and innovative adventure towards a fulfilled childhood that values diversity

Co-Play, a fun and innovative educational kit addressing the major challenges of development and fulfillment for children in a globalised world.


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Target group
Students early
March 2024
See our 4 founding ideas above.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Co-Play aims to create an innovative method developed around issues of representation and interculturality that can be associated with learning activities (5-12 y.o.) to address, at school , during activities outside of school or with family, questions of identity, confidence and self-esteem, gender equality and sustainable development, through illustration.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

This pilot project has an objective of education and awareness, by offering an immersion of children in visuals representative of their local reality while proposing an intercultural approach allowing the perspective of their daily lives with children and education from very different countries. The tools used have the capacity to stimulate and impact young children at a crucial age for the formation of their identity and the perception of their environment.

4 founding ideas
- Representativeness - A faithful representation of children in educational materials, in which they can recognize/identify themselves
- Regional specificities - And therefore taking into account national/regional specificities for different countries (cultural, environmental, social..)
- Cultural co-exploration - Of different cultures ways of learning
- Building oneself in a globalised world - Recognize yourself and feel valued in your environment, take/find your place in your country and with others in the world

How has it been spreading?

The project is still a pilot project under development (testing phases) and is supported by the Swedish Institute - Creative Force program, the AFD Agence Française de Développement - Shared innovation program and the EuroMed Anna Lindh Foundation.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

- You can express your interest in testing the project
- You can purchase the kit (soon available) and request our support if you wish

Spread of the innovation

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