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Brixilated Builders Academy

We believe in the power of play to change the world.

At Brixilated, we know that play is the most powerful, natural way to learn. We created Brixilated Builders Academy, a LEGO®-based enrichment program designed to teach and practice foundational social emotional skills to any student, anywhere.



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May 2023
To change the future, we need to change the ways our kids are taught now. When we prioritize social and emotional skills, we build communities, instill compassion and empathy, and live with curiosity. If we teach young people to be proud of themselves and not just what they own, we can create a generation of powerful, confident, world-changers who can impact the future in meaningful ways.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Brixilated Builders Academy was born out of a desire to provide meaningful and engaging LEGO® build experiences for people of all ages. We quickly saw the potential for a program that was first and foremost fun but could also support personal growth and provide stepping stones for lifelong skills learning.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

Our innovative education model is radical play. That’s it. We have fun and the learning, although consciously curated by us, is a byproduct of the playful interactions and engagement from students.

In every lesson, we aim to create an environment where learning happens in more meaningful and limitless ways. While our program is not beholden to test scores or government standards, all of our classes can be easily paired with lesson objectives and state standards to fit within more traditional classroom needs. The flexibility of our approach allows us to talk about global geographies of farming, use imaginative storytelling to describe a farm, and learn mechanics of engines all while building a LEGO tractor.

How has it been spreading?

Brixilated has a history of providing outstanding services for our students and partners. We have built and fostered lasting relationships in our community and created new pathways for students to learn differently through play. We continually sell out of program offerings and have a constant stream of inquiries about future programming options in new markets.

We partner with major children's hospitals, pathbreaking education organizations, centers for people with Autism, and non-traditional education providers. We also provide after-school progamming, summer camps, and community center classes.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Reach out! We want to hear what success sounds like to you and your organization and we'll work with you to tailor a program to suit your needs.

You can get in touch at contact@brixilated.com.

Implementation steps

Step 1: Let's Chat!
Allow us to introduce ourselves and the Brixilated Builders Academy program. Then, tell us what success for your program looks like: Do you need in person classes? Virtual offerings? Workforce development? Let us know and we'll tailor a program to suit your needs.
Step 2: Receive your Kits!
Watch our for your personalized build kits to arrive in the mail! We'll send you everything you need to run our program in your organization and set you up with your digital resources.
Step 3: Onboarding
Next, we'll set up a time to run a class demonstration and training session. This allows you to see how the classes are run and what input is needed from your center, whatever instruction method you choose.
Step 4: Get building!
Now the fun part - classes start! We'll be with you every step of the way as we get the classes up and running in your organization.

Spread of the innovation

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