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Bookbot is an innovative reading app for children.


Bookbot acts as your child's virtual reading assistant. It selects books that are appropriate to your child's current reading ability and listens to the child as they read along, helping them as they go. It's supported by a library of specially written decodable books that cover a great variety of subjects and genres.

Why Bookbot?

Bookbot has a mission to address the worldwide issue of shockingly low literacy levels. We believe it’s unfair that so many of our young people are being impeded by poor reading and comprehension.

That's why we created Bookbot: a virtual reading assistant that listens to a child as they read out loud, helping them as they go along.

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Appropriate books are individually selected based on the child’s current reading ability, allowing them to achieve success whilst stretching them just enough. The line the child is reading is highlighted as they speak, encouraging focus and fluency. It’s like having your finger following their reading. Words are de-emphasised as the child reads them correctly, instilling an instant sense of confidence and achievement. 

Incorrectly pronounced words are identified and spoken by Bookbot before your child can continue reading. No more guessing and getting it wrong. Well-spaced print using black sans-serif fonts on light pastel colour make the reading experience as easy as possible.

The app is supported by a library of FREE decodable books. You can download them here

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Bookbot is currently available on iOs platforms.
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