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Isidro Arévalo-Vargas
We build on the Human-Centered Design (HCD) model and establish empathy with people


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BANG gives an innovative ways to develop the process in 3 phases.The first one is solid phase (inspiration), gaseous phase (idea), and finally liquid phase (implementation). The idea is that the people who use the app can in the first phase identify the need for it, the second one propose creative solutions and developed prototypes, in the last one evaluated the prototype functional in real-time.
Paola Andrea Plata Pacheco
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Paola Andrea Plata Pacheco


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Why did you create this innovation?

We started with the coaching to social capital and direction of extension and international relations; each area lived in two hours the process of innovation. However, at the moment when it comes to training intraentrepreneurs, we were presented with doubt and it was How to get the full potential of people playing? And in turn, to get out of the traditional structure of monotonous training.

How does your innovation work in practice?

We, after a thorough review, devised the BANG game that allows in an innovative way to carry out the process in 3 phases. It is then recognized as a solid phase, a gaseous, and finally the liquid. You can compare the first phase with the inspiration, the second as the ideation, and in the end the implementation. The idea is that the (s) person(s) that uses the application can in the first phase identify the need or problem that has a population in general. Then, in the second phase manage to propose creative solutions and develop prototypes, and thus in the last phase, they can evaluate the behavior of the prototype in real-time with customers.

How has it been spreading?

We have achieved product specialization, growth in new markets, differentiation, and shared implementation in conjunction with the marketing mix. It is achieved by creating a digital platform that presents the seemingly unstructured with an order, the complex in a simple way, and robust processes in a fast way. It shows innovation as what it really is, something easy and intuitive. BANG LITE, is a tool that activates ideas. Its objectives are to support the ideation processes and intervene in the states of mental blocks. Being a product with a clear value proposition, it can generate growth in new markets. In the future, we can achieve shared implementation with partners positioned in the region’s entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

People interested in using the app can log in to, register, and already use our product. In the case in require more information or training they can send a message to


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