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Aprendizaje en Movimiento - AeM

A quietly forceful Energy, Learning in Motion

Education must be transformed to provide tools for life to people who are integrated into education. In addition, these tools must be based on peer-to-peer, collaborative work, as well as problem solving, critical thinking, and free and natural learning. This is how AeM, project-based learning, gender mainstreaming and STEAM. It is important to excite the brain to learn to reflect critically.


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Target group
May 2023
We want more children and young people to be able to learn outdoors, with critical and collaborative thinking. In addition to developing creative projects that solve specific needs of their territories. This is only possible if there is a conscious, participatory and democratic education.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Education must be creative since it is a potential tool to generate critical reflections on how the dynamics of life are resolved. Likewise, it is relevant to have a closer awareness of nature in order to conserve and regenerate it as a learning environment.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

This initiative has had a positive response because it works with children and youth from their own reflections, actively integrates them into participation from spaces of ideation, consultation until reaching the intervention of a project. Each process requires steps that generate clear evidence for the beneficiaries in a way of learning by doing, so these processes also have a part to evaluate, follow up and monitor through methodologies and metric tools.

How has it been spreading?

Since 2009 we have seen results from new young leaders, as well as processes that have been scaled and replicated using the AeM methodology, we have received recognition and awards from organizations such as UNICEF, UN Habitat Youth and MTV Exit LA.
For the following years, we intend to continue taking our methodology not only to other countries in the region, but also to other continents. Additionally, we seek to establish Learning in Movement as a maker space in the form of a school forest on the Ecuadorian coast for forest conservation as a local learning and exchange tool for students from other countries.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

They should carry out a diagnosis of their needs and problems, we have specialized in designing tools and methodologies that can fit each territory and community through the sustainable participatory design methodology. You can write to: and follow in our ig: aprendizaje_en.movimiento

Implementation steps

proximity to the case
It refers to a diagnosis or gathering of information in a participatory manner
Collectively, ideas for solutions to needs are generated and ideas to experiment are expressed.
participatory design
Materials relevant to the territory are selected to apply the idea of possible solutions to the needs, where they are resolved in a participatory manner and solutions are designed.
It is a process in which they are applied through interventions in space, they can be from art or science, likewise, the intervention allows giving the opportunity to feel that they can carry out actions by their own means.

Spread of the innovation

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