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Amazon Itineraries - IFAs

place Brazil

The Amazon in the center of curriculum

The Formative Itineraries are a new set of units that high school students can choose to deepen their knowledge in one or more subjects. The Amazon Itineraries - IFAs aim to build a roadmap to adapt the current curriculum to adolescents in the region, considering cultural aspects and their realities, serving as a model to place the amazon reality and disseminate information for the entire country.



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Target group
June 2022
"Alongside a wide network of partners, we strengthen the educational scenario aiming at permanent and consistent learning advances for all Brazilian students."

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

With the increase in importance of the environmental agenda in recent years, and especially now, when deforestation and mining are increasing throughout the region, it is necessary to build awareness for its protection. The IFAs are powerful for working on these issues among local students as well to highlight the agenda across the country, to students and professionals in their curricula.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

The Amazon Itineraries IFA's will create pedagogical materials and initiatives to train educators, which will enhance local network initiatives in the high school context. It focuses on articulation with local Secretariats; conception, elaboration and availability of Training Itineraries that focus on the Amazon, comprising in-depth training trails, elective subjects and life projects.
The first stage of construction will carry out a listening process to identify specific demands and needs reported by the main stakeholders. Subsequently, the construction, testing and the delivery of the IFAs, and in-depth material aimed at Teacher Training.
The innovation of this material is given by connecting all state networks of the Legal Amazon in the joint construction of a material that will be base for all students of the public education network of 9 States (3 Stateshave already partnered) as well as the dissemination of all content to the entire national network.

How has it been spreading?

Reúna Institute created this type of material for the São Paulo State Secretary of Education - the largest education network in the country, where 11 itineraries were delivered for more than 1.2 million high school students.
9 states of the Amazon Region are already interested in receiving the materials and training of the program.
In addition, we seek to develop a platform to concentrate all products focused on the New High School model, in which other training itineraries from different secretaries of education will be included, as well as the trails to train teachers and school leaders.
This platform already has advanced discussions for a partnership with the National Council of State Education Secretaries for implementation in all states

If I want to try it, what should I do?

As mentioned before, we have already delivered 11 itineraries in partnership with SP State Education Secretary, and they are available on our website. The Amazon Itineraries, as soon as the development is finished, will be included in different platforms to be accessed by all interested parties that seek pedagogical materials for the new high school model in Brazil.

Spread of the innovation

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