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Sheeba Ajmal
Empowering students by giving them Voice

AIS Online Radio Station

location_on Lahore, Pakistan
The online radio station at Al Beruni International School at Harbanspura, Lahore was formed to provide students an opportunity to share their learning experiences with a larger audience. It was also aiming at improving students spoken skills and building confidence. We have 42 episodes uploaded online using Podbean. These episode cover a range of topics from English, Maths, Urdu and Science.
We all learn by sharing ideas , collaborating & supporting each other grow, appreciating difference of opinions & valuing each others skills.

Sheeba Ajmal, School Head


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Updated on August 9th, 2022
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Why did you create this innovation?

Being a School Head I often discuss ideas and challenges with students. We have regular student council meetings. I have been regularly observing lessons in class. My observation regarding students responses was they lacked confidence and had concerns with spoken skills in English. Also, there was no way to share their in class learning with the outside world including their parents.

How does your innovation work in practice?

We aim to record one to three episodes every week and upload on the online radio station created using Podbean. Students of both primary and secondary grade record their learning experiences using Audacity. These episodes range between 1.5 to 2 mins. Currently I use my laptop to record the learning experiences in my office. I am planning to encourage students to start recording and uploading the episodes themselves InnShaaAllah.

Students share the various activities done in class in different subjects, these include English, Math, Science and Urdu. Students also share feedback on important school events and functions at times. At the moment there are 42 episodes recorded and uploaded online. These are also shared on the school social media. The feedback from parents regarding the initiative has been positive which is evident from the comments by parents. Also, it has made a visible difference in the spoken skills of students along with enhancing their confidence.

How has it been spreading?

At the moment , the innovation is currently in practice in this school only. I am looking forward to spread the innovation by engaging students and teachers from other schools in the country. It would be great if students from at least 2 more schools could start collaborating on this innovation and there students also share their learning experiences. Students would be able to get a glimpse of how other students perceive the same topic and learn from the examples.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

You should reach us through the following email. We can decide how your students can add in to this innovation. You could also send us a recorded audio clip in mp3 format of any of the topics taught in primary and secondary grades in English, Science, Math & Urdu. We will add your episode on the online radio station too. Also, we would appreciate if you could share this link with other educators.


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January 2022
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