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Active Learning for Online Education

place Brazil

A new online education is possible with active learning methodologies

Online learning can be really stressful for educators and students, the effort to be fully present during online sessions are much harder than face-to-face classes. We know that and we want to change it. We developed a leaning experience where the participants can learn how to transpose the active learning methodologies to online environments, such as Jigsaw, PBL, Design Thinking and much more.


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Target group
October 2020

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

During the pandemic, many teachers and students were forced to migrate to virtual online learning environments. At first, attempts were made to replicate face-to-face education strategies without success. We believe that it is possible to bring more innovative learning methodologies to online environments and that is why we created this learning experience.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

The learning experience is geared towards educators. There are 6 online meetings, where these educators experience practical innovative learning strategies, such as Problem Based Learning, Design Thinking, Team Based Learning, Jigsaw and Spaced Learning.

How has it been spreading?

We have already trained more than 90 educators from more than 10 Brazilian cities.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

You can contact us through our website at or by email

Spread of the innovation

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