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NGOS need talent and students need practical experience. We at Protect your mom campaign and Hair for hope India harness their creativity/knowledge to accelerate our growth simultaneously honing their leadership, communication and management skills. While of course helping cancer patients and saving moms from breast cancer


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Target group
Students basic
October 2022
To kill breast cancer before it kills We create tomorrows leaders. We make the world a better place

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

I am an ex Marketing faculty and cancer survivor. I felt the best way of creating awareness is through the language of the youth and by getting children as young as 7 to pester their moms to check for the early signs of breast cancer. The formula does work as we saved 5 lives and warned thousands. Today Protect your mom and hair for hope India has a huge army of students .

What does your innovation look like in practice? has information. It helps to create awareness about monthly self exam to kill breast cancer before it kills. Yes, most of our students have won prestigious awards including the Diana Award and lots of regional awards proving their overall development. Our team of students have built hair for hope India into the biggest and most reputed hair donation brand in India and UAE without any funds simultaneously learning how to plan, organise events and management skills beyond the text books. Many have also made it to prestigious colleges around the world including MIT (USA), The London School of Economics, UCLA etc. By volunteering for the NGO they have skills which books dont teach and help them succeed in life .
Of course thousands have donated hair too and helped hundreds of cancer patients face life with dignity and PYM has saved 5 lives and warned thousands.

How has it been spreading?

Honed leadership, communication skills
honed social media, video making,
event management skills of students.

made them more emphathetic as they deal with cancer patients.
Helped them understand the importance of early detection of breast cancer and hopefully save their moms.
Goal is to spread PYM and hair for hope india to over 100 schools in India and UAE to kill breast cancer before it kills and to show that even a 3 year old can help cancer patients without any money. Creating a more caring generation which could hopefully have a major impact on the social ills plaguing our world.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

They can just follow instructions at
whatsapp 00971507593388

Implementation steps

Organise a PYM event or Hair donation event

Spread of the innovation

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