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This framework provides principles, practices, tools, & classroom images to embolden learning environments that prioritize inventiveness.

A framework for inspiring inventiveness

Portland, United States
The Framework includes: Principles that articulate the core values and of schools that inspire inventiveness; Practices used by inventors to support innovation; Tools that help teachers adapt these practices; and Windows into Practice multimedia representations of the principles and practices in action. These materials emerge from Opal School’s two-year collaboration with Project Zero.

A framework for inspiring inventiveness?

“An inventive mindset is almost directly opposed to what is currently emphasized in too many schools… [This] is based on supporting the brilliance of children of color rather than mitigating distress.”

What we do?

The Framework for Inspiring Inventiveness is a set of resources, developed by Opal School and Project Zero, that helps learning communities seeking to prioritize inventiveness.  Find the resources at

Why we do it?

In this time of massive environmental, political, cultural, technological, and economic change, prioritizing children’s inventiveness is a critical pedagogical shift. Children are unlikely to emerge as innovators - as "super-encounterers", to use Pagan Kennedy's phrase - if their teachers see their work as bureaucrats, delivering scripts written by others.  Learning communities seeking to prioritize inventiveness are, themselves, engaging in an act of invention: they recognize a need in the world, design a response to that need, and bring into existence a novel solution. 

These resources support that pedagogical transformation.

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Innovation Overview
Target Group
Focus areas
Tips for implementation
These resources help teachers (and teacher teams) plan, reflect on, and expand their approaches to learning.

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Engagement in school, especially in areas related to justice, need children’s open imaginations to seek and try new approaches... When given t...
"I love that this is high level and process oriented: it forces you to think about how invention shows up in ways that we might not expect. Th...
"What you are focusing on will prepare children to have success in later Invention Education experiences... In too many schools, the goal is t...
"An inventive mindset is almost directly opposed to what is currently emphasized in too many schools… I want this to thrive because it is base...
"Awesome and inspiring... It made me feel hopeful."Jacqui Stransky, United Nations International School of Hanoi
"You have gifted the Singapore American School team (and all of us) a wonderful stimulus for thinking and acting with inventiveness."-Fiona Zi...
"I have pages of notes. My heart, soul and mind are on fire! ...Connecting with thought leaders and inventors like you keep me hopeful and in...


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