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Spell Languages

creative and playful language learning approach

Spell Languages was created to help kids become students of the world ! Our quality approach to helping young learners acquire foreign languages with lasting effect & ease, takes into account their language learning aptitudes and individual character strengths. Based on 3 pillars : Play, Motivation and Experience, our methodology helps kids strengthen their self confidence & love for learning.


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April 2024
At Spell Languages,we transform language learning into an experience that mimics natural acquisition.Students are active participants, enjoying their education while developing key life skills.They foster a love for languages, embracing diverse cultures as global citizens.Teachers move away from standard methods, using real-world materials for immersive, effective, and fulfilling language teaching

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

As a fresh English Philology graduate I dreamt to fill a gap in children's second language education. Noticing the lack of existing systems that leveraged studies in the field of language acquisition, and believing in the active, playful learning and positive psychology over rote memorization, I started my initiative. It quickly gained traction, necessitating a unified model to ensure quality.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

Catering to children aged 0-4 and 4-12, we offer quality language immersion classes distinguished by our teacher training model. We equip our educators with a blend of language acquisition theories, active learning principles, play-based curriculum insights, and practical tools. When in training, teachers discover our diverse learning stages, our lesson structure and positive behavior management techniques. Furthermore, teachers undergo comprehensive practical immersion with focus on toys, games, songs and other real life support to use in class. We share with our teams our passion for imaginative play, movement activities & creative and artistic expression.
We advocate for a personalized teaching approach, allowing educators to tailor classes to the specific needs of their students rather than adhering to a fixed curriculum. Our classroom environments are dynamic, open spaces designed to encourage autonomy, teamwork, and structured freedom. Learning occurs both indoors and outdoors.

How has it been spreading?

Over the last decade, Spell Languages methodology has earn the trust of Geneva families for our second language learning programs. We are a private post-curriculum program where kids come once a week for 50 min to 4 hour classes and yet, on average, students stay with us for around 5 years - time that allows to most, to master a language. For the past few years we have had an average of 300 children enrolled with us within any specific school year. We are at the point of reflecting on what is the most sustainable way of growing beyond our 8 classrooms in order to scale the impact of Spell Languages pedagogical approach.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Book a class! You can choose a pack of classes: 1 - 5 - 15 or 30 for any class types we offer. We usually recommend pack of 5 classes to those who wish to try first. One class is not enough to really get an idea of the added value of our approach.
If you are a teacher and wish to learn our methodology, you need to send us a CV and we will invite you to a teacher training (model under review).

Spread of the innovation

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