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Mobile App Development For Every Classroom

MAD-learn is Mobile App Development for every classroom. This web-based tool empowers any teacher—not just technology teachers—to engage students in app development, from a book review app in English class to a drawing app in Art class. Using the design-thinking process, MAD-learn prepares today’s students for tomorrow’s careers. Students use this powerful tool to easily build #appsthatmatter.


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November 22nd, 2022
“Seeing students turn their innovative ideas into real apps and their self-confidence and joy as they launch those apps in front of an audience is the exact reason we do what we do." -Alefiya Master
Founder/CEO, MAD-learn

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

MAD-learn is trying to solve the gap between open STEM/tech-related jobs and qualified candidates to fill them. We need to start early to effectively solve this problem long term. We need more students who are sitting at the table, participating in tech creation, and having their voices heard. The only way to get more kids excited about these careers is to expose ALL students to this opportunity.

How does your innovation work in practice?

MAD-learn focuses on empowering ANY educator, regardless of CS background, to effectively replace their boring papers or 3-fold poster board projects with exciting and engaging mobile apps that students create instead. Our extensive professional development and standards-aligned curriculum for teachers show them how to integrate these learning opportunities into their core curricula classes like History, English, or Science, as a project-based learning tool. Our simplistic and holistic app development program is based on the Design Thinking Process to teach students all phases of technology creation from ideation -> plan -> design -> build -> test -> launch, not just the coding.
MAD-learn is democratizing technology creation and turning the interest that students have in their phones towards serving the community, solving problems, building entrepreneurial skills, and sharing ideas globally through their apps.

How has it been spreading?

MAD-learn has been supporting education programs across the united states and beyond; not only as a core curriculum program but also through virtual and in-person STEM camps, after school clubs, and weekend clubs in order to create STEM exposure for students and engage them in future-ready skills and experiences. These after-school app-building clubs and camps which are usually climaxed with app shark tanks have been fun and also helped boost the students’ self-esteem as well as self-confidence and enhanced their creativity, as they prepare for college and career. We have intensified our efforts to be better stewards of high-quality student experiences and help teachers across the United States effectively use MAD-learn to help engage students with meaningful STEM experiences.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Visit https://mad-learn.com/ and click on “Try it for Free” at the top right of your screen or simply follow this link https://payments.mad-learn.com/#/freetrial to try building an app for free.

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