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Inspiration Garden

Providing the Space Along Holistic EDPrograms that revolve around belief, empowerment and achievement of the #students, #teachers & #parents

Through providing the space and programs for student, teachers and parents’ development, Inspiration Garden fosters a community of experience rather than a community of knowledge. These programs cater to different needs of its stakeholders to ensure equitable opportunities for them to become lifelong and lifewide learners.



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May 2019

About the innovation

What is Inspiration Garden

Our Programs:

Student Pillar:

1- Core; Student Teaching and Learning: Students’ daily lessons at school are reinforced and taught in the students’ learning style supported a facilitator for the group

2- Student Engagement Activities: Through these engagement activities, students are able to build their life skills. All engagement activities are aligned to the seven-main life-skills through Inspiration Garden Framework. These skills are the following: Respect and Humanity, Communication, Collaboration, Love of learning, Responsibility, Independence and Grit. These engagement activities are either prepared by students, facilitators or by community organizations. One of the goals of the school engagement activities is to introduce students to organizational and individual initiatives taking place in our community.

3- Student Coaching: In order to foster student leadership, students at Inspiration Garden are coached through Psycho-Social Support Capacity Builder. This student will be able to design his own plan based on certain milestones.

Parent Pillar:

We are strong believers that in order to make a sustainable change in our community, we need to drive change in perceptions and values. Our parents pillar is divided into the following:

1- Parents Coffee House Sessions: These sessions are designed to inform parents on various topics. Through the design of the sessions, parents are provided information and then given the safe space to talk about their challenges.

2- Parents Coaching Program: The coaching program supports the parents to be involved in a comprehensive plan for themselves and their children. Through the right follow up, parents achieve their goals while increasing students’ achievement.

Facilitators Pillar:

Since we are providing our service in a different way from what were raised up, teachers are considered the engine to flourish our impact. That is, a specific program is designed for teacher in order to better understand their roles as change agents within the organization. Programs run for teachers are the following:

1- Understanding the System Program: This is an induction program that is usually run before starting the academic year for new and old facilitators. The core this program is to support the teachers to know how our system is inequitable and what their role at the center is exactly. A main focus on our theory of change through hands-on, interactive and play-based approach.

2- Core; Teaching and Learning: Teachers are empowered by learning about the best teaching and learning practices through a collaborative culture. The goal of this program is to enhance the facilitators’ knowledge and skills. This program is implemented through-out the academic year through our Facilitator Leader and focused on leveraging up the facilitator’s reflective practices.

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