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PHASE 4 Learning Center, Inc.

Learning that transforms lives of the most at-risk populations through an innovative and non-traditional approach.

Breaking the school-to-prison pipeline through Innovative and unique approach of academic and career success. Focused on relationships, acceptance, tolerance and celebration of diversity, PHASE 4 transforms the most at-risk populations in a state-of-the-art learning environment with career pathway exposure and training in collaboration with regional workforce partners.


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March 2019
Our youth are 100% of our future. At PHASE 4, we believe in those who don't yet believe in themselves. As long as there is that one individual who truly needs help and support -- whether it be social, behavioral, academic or career planning -- PHASE 4 will be there to provide that help...and hope.

About the innovation

Learning that Transforms Lives

The keystone of PHASE 4 innovation and impact is our approach to and acceptance of the at-risk or disadvantaged individual and being flexible to incorporate needed components to meet societal change and individual challenges. Building relationships and helping with any situation a person is faced with reflects the core values at PHASE 4. Innovative and customized academic and life learning that utilizes the latest technology to deliver a blended model of instruction that includes hands-on projects, experiential learning, personal/group counseling, and career pathways exposure with key workforce partners lends to the success experienced. Upon completion of the program, participants earn their high school diploma, are career ready and have future plans in place, thus preparing them to become contributing members of society while earning a good wage with the opportunity for both personal and career growth.

PHASE 4's innovative approach includes key components, such as:

High-tech professional learning environment; individualized completion plan; tailored counseling; connections to social and community service agencies; soft-skills job readiness; various career credentials; career pathway exposure, connenctions, high school diploma, placement in higher education, the workforce or the U.S. Military.

PHASE 4 is a member/partner of The Clubhouse Network: Where Technology Meets Imagination. The Clubhouse Network is an international community of over 100 Clubhouses and Best Buy Teen Tech Centers, located in 20 countries, providing youth with life-changing opportunities for 25 years.

Housing state-of-the-art technology, Best Buy Teen Tech Centers are free after-school programs where teens can play, discover and learn about a variety of topics including graphic design, digital photography, audio and video production, game and app development, film-making, and more giving them the opportunity to express themselves in an online global environment.

This new partnership with Best Buy and The Clubhouse Network results in technology and career exploration programs unlike any other program in Pennsylvania. In a world where technology and media continues to be increasingly ingrained in everyday life interactions and career choices, it’s critical to prepare students for future career success. The ultimate result: our youth, communities, and region will continue to strengthen Pittsburgh’s leading and cutting edge in technology and the workforce.

C2C Pathways to Success program will provide selected youth with the opportunity to focus on a specific area of technology (e.g., web development, tech support, graphic design), develop their workforce readiness skills, and gain real-world work experience through a paid internship placement in the tech field of their choosing.Career Pathway partnerships consist of Google for a certificate in IT Networking and CMU's National Robotics Engineering Center for a micro credential in five different areas including electronics that allows youth a solid foundation on which to build a career.

Implementation steps

Reach out!
In order to begin the process of having a PHASE 4 Learning Center in your area, check with Corporate offices to ensure that the State requirements within the Department of Education will be met.

Site Visit
Representatives from PHASE 4 Learning Center will schedule an appropriate time to schedule a site visit and come work with you and your local organization to address the needs of the local population.
Secure the Bag
There is an associated cost per child to be educated in every school district. Let our team work with sending school administration to negotiate contracts.
Grand Opening
PHASE 4 will work with your team to plan and execute a grand opening , inviting local and state government officials as well as sending school districts and community partners.

Spread of the innovation

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