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Dimitar Krastev
Dian Dimitrov

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Methodology for developing collaboration, social and physical well-being through movement.


location_on Sofia, Bulgaria
Two or more partners meet the palms of their hands in space with varying speed and combinations. The methodology combines and builds upon asymmetrical workout, 6 types of Eastern martial arts and free dancing.
Dimitar Krastev, inventor of the system
In an unpredictable and dynamic world, collaboration is the most successful attitude.

Dimitar Krastev, inventor of the system

about the innovation

What is Chatkalina?

What we do?

Two or more people fasten two wooden pieces, called chatkalini (pl.), to the palms of their hands (one each) and begin to meet each other's palms in space in differet combinations. One has to learn a series of movement modules and combine them creatively.

Why we do it?

We transform the asymmetrical workouts and the martial arts into a peaceful art and a dance technology, in order to improve brain activity, maintain our physical condition and teach each other equal collaboration.

Innovation Overview
9 - 18
Age Group

Achievements & Awards

May 2019
Award at the Children's Festival in Foggia, Italy
March 2018
Chatkalina Performance by Children with Down Syndrom at a School Concert Opening
October 2017
International Chatkalina Seminar in Magdebourg, Germany
August 2014
Creation of the Tai-Chi Chatkalina Routine
January 2010
Inclusion of Chatkalina in the Official Curriculum of the National Theatre Academy
October 2004
Recognition by the National Theatre Academy
January 2004
Teaching of Chatkalina to Deaf Students in the National Theatre Academy
February 2003
First Reward from the TV Competition "I have a dream"
August 2000
Creation of First Version of Chatkalina

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Find a Chatkalina instructor
It is necessary that an experienced Chatkalina instructor trains the people who will then work with the children
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Gather a group of people
It is necessary to form groups of two, in order to practice together
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