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Integrating the Arts to support teachers and learners in rural schools in Malawi.

Malawi Arts Integrated Teacher Workshops

In 2016 Lindsay Pinchbeck and I traveled from our rural state of Maine to a remote village in Malawi. We were welcomed into a community and we provided professional development in arts integration across other content areas. Collaborative workshops continue, offered by other innovative teachers. The arts have opened doors and empowered learning for all ages in Maine and Malawi.

Professional Development

Bringing educators together to learn from each other and collaborate is at the heart of my beliefs as an educator. The success to the Malawi Arts Integration teacher workshops and the Maine Arts Leadership Initiative foundation is based on this idea. Teach a teacher and the potential is there to reach hundreds or perhaps thousands of learners. 
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Innovation Overview
1 - 18
Age Group
Focus areas
Tips for implementation
After our experience we made a commitment to continue supporting the Malawian teachers through future workshops and by providing resources. We share resources on Facebook, the teachers share pictures and stories of their arts integration lessons. We provide feedback. Teams of educators have gone in the summer 2017, spring and summer 2018 and more are planned over the next 2 years. We have many innovative visual and performing arts educators interested in traveling to Malawi to continue the workshops but the cost is prohibitive. Mailing materials is out of our reach as well.

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