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Out of Syllabus

place India

Emotional Health for adolescents

Out of Syllabus aims to provide a platform for open, respectful and inclusive discussions about various topics affecting growth and mental health. ’Out of Syllabus’ focuses on preventive intervention for Mental health problems by early education of adolescents with the aim of creating mentally and socially sound and healthy individuals in the coming generations.


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April 2022
"Adolescence, I believe, is a conscious foundation to our future life”

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Out of Syllabus was born from identifying the lack of Mental health awareness in our society. With 9.8 million teenagers between the age of 14-25 yrs experiencing some form of mental illness, our current system provided no acknowledgement of these issues due to stigma or stereotype, resulting in high consequences in their adulthood. An emergency measure should be taken through educational practice

What does your innovation look like in practice?

Out of Syllabus was born out of intense research spanning across 2 years including field visits in schools, and interviews with parents, professional doctors and teachers with a sample size of approx 300. We aim to create a blanket approach to interventions to bring about an overall permanent shift in breaking the stigma related to Mental health.
Our activities are based on a foundation framework of ABCDs of Mental health (A- Accept, B- Bond, C-Communicate, D-Do). We also aim to understand one journey in the mental health pyramid to help better navigate between our actions and emotions. Currently, students and parents have shown a much better acceptance and understanding of one's and others' emotional journeys and have displayed better social-emotional interaction.

How has it been spreading?

The project was received with much love and support. Recent years saw an increase in subscribers and readership. Parents and children were actively interested to participate in workshops and discussions. Institutes and organisations support to provide us the exposure and assessment required during interactive sessions.

Out of Syllabus aims to create an army of children who support understanding and fight for the cause of Mental health for Adolescents with annual interschool events, and discussions in multiple platforms. Storytelling and art focus to be the key medium of expression, forcing policymakers and educationists to adapt and address mental health problems early on in schools. Out of Syllabus aims to help the coming generation be emotionally healthy, sound and educated.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Out of Syllabus can be adapted in any scenario using our workshop models and gamified approach for both parents and children. One can always take part in our offline and online workshops, or contact us through our social media pages, or website.

Spread of the innovation

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