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Abdul Chohan On How Technology Opens Up New Possibilities In Education
Abdul Chohan is the CEO of the Essa Academies Trust in Bolton
13.6.2017 Abdul Chohan
community interview
Abhijit Sinha on Why Students Must Take the Lead in Creating their Own Learning Environments | HundrED Innovation Summit
Abhijit Sinha is the innovator behind Project DEFY (Design Education for Yourself), which is a system of learning that believes anyone can teach themselves anything by using the internet and the commu
14.8.2019 Romayne Javangwe
community interview
A Conversation About Transitions, Adaptability, New Friends & Squirrels with Finnish Preschoolers
HundrED Ambassador and Finnish grade 5 teacher, Esa Säily went to Helsinki’s Susanna kindergarten to find out how preschoolers were feeling about the transition between kindergarten to grade 1. Read
17.6.2019 Esa Säily
Aline Sara on the Importance of Learning A Second Language
Aline Sara is the founder and CEO of NaTakallam, a social enterprise that hires refugees as language partners to teach language learners over Skype.
Alistair Smith: In Addition To Knowledge, We Need To Talk About Attributes, Skills And Experiences
Alistair Smith is director of Education and learning strategist at the learning technologies provider, Frog.
Allan Kjær Andersen: The Classroom Tends To Traditionalize Teaching
Allan Kjær Andersen is the Principal of Ørestad Gymnasium in Copenhagen
community interview
Amanda Hollwey on Period Education for the Next Generation of Students and Teachers | HundrED Innovation Summit
Amanda Hollwey, is the Head of Marketing at betty for schools, which is a period-education program breaking the taboo surrounding periods with education. Betty for schools provides free PSHE Associati
20.5.2019 Pukhraj Ranjan
community interview
Andreas Schleicher and Pasi Sahlberg Respond to COVID-Related Education Community Concerns
After our last webinar, we were unable to get to all the questions from our community. So, we followed up with Andreas Schleicher and education expert Pasi Sahlberg with some of our community members'
Andy Hargreaves: The Bubble Of Standardized Testing Is Already Bursting
Andy Hargreaves is a professor at Boston College in the United States
31.12.2015 Andy Hargreaves
community interview
ANEER On The Power Of Communities In Early Childhood And Preschools
ANEER program is based on an innovative model of community pre-schooling whose purpose is to impact the entire environment of children from school implementation to parental education. We caught up wi
19.3.2020 Pukhraj Ranjan
Anna-Mari Jaatinen: School Culture Should Develop Towards Project-Based and Collaborative Learning
Anna - Mari Jaatinen is the principal of Siltamäki Elementary School.
Anneli Rautiainen Talks About 21st Century Skills And The Changing Role Of Teachers
Anneli Rautiainen is the Counsellor of Education of the Finnish National Board of Education.
30.12.2015 Anneli Rautiainen