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World Creative Writing Month Gets Off To A Magical Start


What could be better than enthusiastic young writers? How about whole classes scribbling away for an entire month? Now we’re talking!

Thanks to Night Zookeeper, every teacher’s dream can become a reality for the 31 days of March (and hopefully beyond!) World Creative Writing Month sees learners from across the globe unite to create as many stories as they possibly can. Each week, the most wonderful writing is showcased and there are even unique prizes up for grabs.

Night Zookeeper began as a humble story about magical animals. Now it’s a rich online imaginarium where kids can be inspired to write about anything that sparks their creativity! Night Zookeeper is a digital learning tool that inspires children to create their own characters inhabiting a magical digital world. The focus is to improve writing skills through gamified learning. The leaderboard for World Creative Month is just one example of the gamified style and is testament to how motivating this approach can be! Already the total number of words written has surpassed 700,000!

The website inspires and engages young learners as they develop core curriculum skills without even realising it. But more than that, it’s helping to inspire a generation of passionate young writers who even go home to scribble down stories in their own time! The Night Zookeeper promises to motivate even the most reluctant of writers and is proven to raise attainment levels across the board.  

Signing up gives educators access to thousands of customisable lessons and a wealth of writing activities, perfect for teachers who would love to save tonnes of prep time. There's even a handy assessment tool and a simple way to share children's writing with parents at home.

Creativity and literacy skills empower students to lead fuller lives and are crucial for success in school and beyond. However, schools have reported that it can be difficult to get children, particularly boys, excited about writing. Getting kids excited about writing is key to getting their skill levels up, as the more they scribble away, the more their writing can improve. 

Emma Cotton, a Class Teacher in the UK, explains the impact Night Zookeeper had on her class. She said, “My students were able to make a year's worth of progress in their writing in one term, as a result of their involvement and enthusiasm for Night Zookeeper.”

When kids catch the writing bug, nothing can hold them back. Last year, schools from over 30 countries took part in World Creative Writing Month and collectively they wrote over 6 million  words in just one month!

To learn more about Night Zookeeper, visit their innovation page.