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19.10.2023 |

What's Happening at the HundrED Innovation Summit?

The HundrED Innovation Summit is the premier gathering of innovators, experts, and educational change-makers in the HundrED community, this year with the theme of Championing Innovation. While the Summit itself is by invitation only, some of the most exciting events will be available to stream online.

What should you look forward to seeing? Exciting innovations, certainly, but also inspiring talks from global thought leaders in education and innovation alike. Read on for a sneak preview of our programming available online, and don’t forget to register for your livestream link!

The 2024 Global Collection Reveal


October 31st is the most exciting night of the HundrED calendar, when host Denise Wall helps us reveal the 100 most scalable and impactful innovations that make up HundrED’s 2024 Global Collection. You’ll hear directly from HundrED Chair & co-founder Saku Tuominen and HundrED’s Head of Research Dr. Crystal Green as she outlines the latest trends in educational innovation around the world - from A.I. to playgrounds. Mary Gestrin, Communications Director at Konstsamfundet, reminds us of the why of education: so that every child can flourish. And Mary Gordon, founder of HundrED Hall of Fame Innovation Roots of Empathy shares the story of her innovation - its successes and the lessons that it can teach all of us about recognising one another. In addition to the unveiling of our global collection, three members of the HundrED community will be honoured for their important work as Innovation Champions during the past year.

November 1st finds our innovators gathering for insightful keynote speeches and meaningful panel discussions. Two sessions are available online: 


How can Education Innovations Change Systems?

We know that it takes collective action to precipitate change in education systems - but what does this look like in practice? Our panellists discuss the ins and outs of innovation within systems, from the classroom level up to policy. Learn alongside our Global Collection innovators at the Q&A session following the panel - and see how innovation champions help every child flourish.

Join Olli-Pekka Heinonen (Director of the International Baccalaureate Organisation), Dr. Asmaa Alfadala (Director of Research at WISE), Leslee Udwin (Founder of Think Equal) and Marjo Kyllönen (Head of Development Services for the City of Helsinki) in this thought-provoking discussion about the potential of education innovations to change systems helmed by HundrED Education Advisor Lauren Ziegler

Embracing the Messy Middle

Want to learn more about the best practices of scaling after reading our latest position paper? Dr. Thomas Hatch, from the Teachers College at Columbia University leads a discussion with Romana Korpilova from the Jacobs Foundation and three of our 2024 Global Collection innovators as they dive deep into their experience getting into, through, and beyond the Messy Middle of innovation implementation. Our innovators are scaling up, wide, and deep. Their experiences offer insights on the next steps after developing a successful innovation and towards making a bigger impact on the world of education - from mindsets that reframe setbacks to opportunities to strategies for finding funding and establishing fruitful partnerships.

Registration for the livestreamed events is open now! Sign up and join us in championing innovation!

Alex Shapero