What It Means To Provide Integrated And Holistic Education? | Jennifer Finn | HundrED WEBday


This video first appeared on our Facebook page on March 27th, as part of the HundrED WEBday series.


Who is Jennifer Finn?

Jenny Finn is a co-founder and the Head of School of Springhouse Community School. She holds a Ph.D. in Sustainability Education from Prescott College and a master’s degree in Social Work from Colorado State University. Jenny is one of the co-founders of Springhouse Community School and is deeply committed to serving the vision and mission of the school. She understands that relationship to the world around us begins with the connection we have to ourselves, and Jenny's work, in all its forms, fosters this deeper connection. To live in relationship with ourselves and with the world, it is essential that we learn how to traverse the landscape within.

In a culture that often fosters separation and disconnection, Jenny’s research, mentoring, and teaching foster greater intimacy with all of life by exploring creative and courageous ways to face discomfort and navigate vulnerability. She has worked in the healing arts field for over twenty years serving in various areas including non-profit management, trauma and hospice care, spiritual care and chaplaincy, clinical private practice, and education. She is honored to serve the important mission of reimagining education in ways that foster wholeness and connection at Springhouse Community School.

Chris Wolf is the Dean of Students at Springhouse. Chris grew up in southeastern Pennsylvania where he attended the Kimberton Waldorf School and developed a deep appreciation for the arts, the natural world, imagination, wonder, and learning itself. He spent summers taking part in Langskib wilderness programs in northern Ontario where he eventually led canoe trips in his late teens and early twenties, guiding adolescents through rites of passage. He earned a B.S. in Agricultural Economics from McGill University and has worked in many places that help food make it from ground to plate. He loves to sing and has been leading shape note singing in Floyd since 2015. Chris has been interested in education for a long time and has taught English as a foreign language in the Republic of Georgia and math at Springhouse. He developed the Ridgelines after-school program for teen boys and has worked with young adults in The Well program since 2017. 


Springhouse Students:

Elliott Reilly

Julian Piccone

Jarrah Callister  


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