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This Week's Episode of The Edtech Podcast Features HundrED Founder Saku Tuominen


We were thrilled to be featured in this week's episode of The Edtech Podcast, focusing on Nordic edtech and innovation. HundrED founder and Creative Director Saku Tuominen was interviewed by Sophie Bailey at this year's SXSWEDU, along with Norway's Hege Tollerud, CEO of Oslo Edtech Cluster, and Sweden's Joel Hellermark, Founder of Sana Labs

Tune in to hear about innovation, equity and excellence in global education, the secret to getting innovations to scale, and why we need to get over the notion that education should be either about holistic wellbeing or ranking highly in PISA.

“It’s interesting what is happening in the global education debate right now. So much of it is about PISA, but one of the big trends is holistic wellbeing. The question is which one is more important, being great in PISA, or holistic wellbeing? And if they contradict, which one would you sacrifice? Because in many of the countries that are doing well in PISA, there is depression, burn out and so on. So that’s the discussion we should also be having..."

Hear more from Saku by clicking the link below, and be sure to check out past episodes of The Edtech Podcast here.