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30.10.2019 | Pukhraj Ranjan |

The HundrED Spotlight on Switzerland Celebrates 10 Local Innovations Digitally Transforming Schools

Spotlight Switzerland – Digital Transformation at School is part of the HundrED Spotlight collection. It aims to highlight emerging best practices and supports inspiring teachers who actively tackle digital change in the classroom together with their students. The call for projects was open to all teachers working in Switzerland at kindergarten, primary and secondary levels. The initiative is a collaboration between We Are Play Lab Foundation, Gebert Rüf Stiftung, Jacobs Foundation, Stiftung Mercator Schweiz, Beisheim Stiftung, digitalswitzerland next generation and the Zurich University of Teacher Education.

After six months of searching, we are thrilled to announce the 10 education innovations leading digital transformation at schools in Switzerland! Through the HundrED Spotlight on Switzerland, we were looking for inspiring kindergarten, primary and secondary school educators who are embracing digital transformation in the classroom by experimenting with teaching methods and tools together with their students.

Today at the Campus Seminar in Zurich, the ten most convincing, emerging good practices in school digital transformation, selected by an expert jury, were announced and received grants summing up to CHF 120'000 for further development. 


Innovation Video Series

The story of each of the selected innovations has been captured in this collection of short videos. Dive deeper into each of these practices by visiting their updated innovation pages on, where you can explore their origin, understand their current and future impact, as well as find each innovator’s contact information to get in touch with them for free!


Spotlight Report

On behalf of our partners at the We Are Play Lab Foundation, Gebert Rüf Stiftung, Jacobs Foundation, Stiftung Mercator Schweiz, digitalswitzerland next generation, Beisheim Stiftung, The Zurich University of Teacher Education (PH Zurich), we are also releasing a brief report on the HundrED Spotlight on Switzerland which provides a detailed overview of the selected best practices and introduces the schools and teachers who are actively shaping the future of education together with their students.


The 10 innovations leading digital transformation in Swiss schools


The 360-degree teaching and learning room from Bildungszentrum Limmattal, Switzerland: 

The abbreviation "n47e8" represents the geographic coordinates of Dietikon and designates the teaching concept of Bildungszentrum Limmattal, which is based on orientation towards action competence, individualization and digitalization. The entire school is turned into an integral teaching and learning space.

Organization of teaching and introduction to computational thinking from Cercle scolaire de Val-de-Ruz, Switzerland:

In order to meet the requirements of today’s heterogeneous school classes and digital change, the Val-de-Ruz school district has adapted its organization and abandoned the traditional teaching style—where the teacher stands in front of the class.

Makerspace Days from Eduzis Schulhaus Seehalde, Switzerland: 

These High-school students in Mettmenhasli set up a one-day workshop for sixth-graders. These workshops are run autonomously by the adolescents, the primary school children are introduced to the Makerspace and get to realize small projects.

Go-Lab: Learning together yet individually by Gymnase du Bugnon Lausanne, Switzerland: 

The integration of the Go-Lab learning application allows students to participate more actively as well as interactively in class, to learn independently, to try things out and examine new findings critically.

Become a C.R.A.C. by Lycée-Collège des Creusets Sion, Switzerland: 

The C.R.A.C. method (derived from the French terms Comprendre, se Rappeler, Appliquer, Consolider) aims to help students acquire and develop four skills essential to all learning: understanding, remembering, applying and consolidating what they have learned.

Digital Learning Lab by Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz, Switzerland: 

At the Digital Learning Lab, students and teachers meet external experts such as programmers, designers and start-up entrepreneurs. In just under two days, this creates a basis for a wide variety of projects.

Robot Your Classroom by Primarschule Knonau, Switzerland: 

Teachers at Knonau Primary School have developed a series of lessons on programming and robotics for different school levels. Pupils gain access to digital worlds by means of level-appropriate teaching materials and interaction with programmable robots.

Reality and Fiction in Kindergarten by Primarschule Wiesendangen, Switzerland The topics 'fear' and 'reality and fiction' are discussed on the basis of a children’s book and the children are introduced to special-effects technology.

The School of Programming by Scuole Comunali di Poschiavo, Switzerland: 

The school of programming is in charge of promoting and coordinating the teaching of robotics and programming at all levels of the Poschiavo municipality’s schools. Central to this is the involvement of a group of facilitators, who train and support the local teachers.

Processor-controlled Learning Environment by Sekundarschule Embrach, Volksschule Baden, Switzerland:

The processor-controlled learning environment PGLU makes it easy to forge links between handicrafts, mathematics and computer science.


This November, some of the educators and changemakers behind these best practices from Switzerland will attend the HundrED Innovation Summit and join hundreds of their peers from around the world.

Congratulations to the selected innovations and cheers to all who participated in the HundrED Spotlight on Switzerland!