Technology Industries of Finland: Professional expertise builds Finland


Technology Industries of Finland receive constant messages from their member companies about the lack of people who are skilled, enthusiastic and vocationally trained. That’s why Technology Industries of Finland along with 20 VET institutions as a partner, asked HundrED to conduct this research and innovation survey to make sure that we get enough knowledgeable, enthusiastic and employable young people to the technology sector. This challenge is related to the attractiveness and quality of TVET, and the progression of the new reform. We want to find new ways to develop technical and vocational education and training.

The purpose of vocational education and training is to promote knowledge, skills and attitudes, professional skills and social skills required for work, participation to society and lifelong learning.

"This report confirmed our assumptions that co-operation with employers and work-based learning are the most important aspects that promote the attractiveness of TVET and the development of knowledge. Similarly, students’ social skills and giving and receiving feedback are emphasized as well as reflection skills. These results also follow the future funding criteria of vocational education and training. TVET strategy network is ready to apply globally discovered innovations in their institutions and in collaboration with employers nearby to increase the attractiveness of TVET and skilled workforce." states Leena Pöntynen, the director of education at Technology Industries of Finland. 



The international studies used in this report show that the direction of the new Finnish VET reform is right. For the implementation of the reform, it’s vital that the next administration in Finland firstly refines the VET funding to meet the actual needs of the education providers’ costs. Based on this report, all three stakeholders (representatives of VET institutions, employers and students) agree that vocational education and training should be developed by improving co-operation between institutions and employers so that the training students will benefit as much as possible in the future.

"We have a huge opportunity to create a model of joint action, which will develop the Finnish vocational education and training to be one of the best in the world. The field of technology can be a landmark for others. Technology Industries of Finland wants to support the VET institutions in the success of the new reform. We actively support VET institutions to enter partnerships with technology companies. Meeting expectations and the realization of quality is highly relevant to the attractiveness of TVET and long-term interest of Finland," Leena Pöntynen summarizes. 

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