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Teacher Testimonials : How To Make Even Reluctant Students Into Published Creative Writers

Struggling to get your students engaged in creative writing (particularly the boys)? We hear how Pobble's innovative approach has improved creative writing and literacy skills in a school in England.

‘It’s tough for inner-city schools like mine, with high numbers of EAL students (70% to be precise), to find solutions to encourage children to write. Increasing attainment in writing at the same time is even tougher. But here at St Peter’s we’ve done just that.’

2017 was the fourth year that teacher John Robertson had been using Pobble at his school St Peter’s Church of England Primary School in Leeds. Pobble provides teachers with materials to use in their lessons to encourage creative writing and is also a platform where the students upload their work to so that other students, teachers and parents can read their work. Through Pobble’s inspirational and motivational approach, Robertson has seen the whole school community change.

‘The Pobble values are fully integrated into our school community and we’ve seen a huge increase in writing attainment across school. Each week we select children to be our published authors, these are not chosen specifically, they can be children that have done an exceptional piece of work or that need a boost of confidence with their writing. We ensure that across the school year all pupils are published. And then we celebrate our newly published authors across school!’

‘Sharing our pupils’ writing on the Pobble site allows it to be seen by a wider audience and allows our wider school community to get involved (...) This is fundamental to increasing the children’s writing confidence. We find that sharing writing on the Pobble platform is a fantastic way to celebrate writing, and engage our reluctant writers, especially the boys.’

Find out more about how to motivate young people to become creative writers by heading to Pobble’s innovation page. Full original blogpost here.