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10.10.2022 | Amna Habiba

Support Pakistan Flood Victims - Call from HundrED Youth Ambassador, Amna Habiba

Since June 2022, Pakistan has had the worst impact in decades due to extreme monsoon rains & melting of around 7000 glaciers at the ‘Third Pole’. According to Pakistan’s National Disaster Management Authority, the floods have affected more than 33 million people and destroyed/ damaged more than a million houses.

According to NASA Earth Observatory, Pakistan holds the most glacial ice found outside the polar regions. Climate warming and recent heat waves have precipitated several glacial-outburst floods. 

Gender inequality combined with the climate crisis is one of the greatest challenges of our time, yet older generations are still not taking enough action to save the planet for future generations to live in. 

This combination poses massive threats to communities globally, but women & girls are the ones most impacted by it. It poses a threat to ways of life, livelihoods, health, safety and security for women and girls globally.

According to UN Women, when climate disasters strike, women are less likely to survive due to the long-established gender inequalities that have created massive gaps in information, mobility, decision-making, and access to resources and training from them.

Climate disasters prevent girls & women from accessing their basic rights in accordance with the UN SDGs including education, economic growth, nutrition, etc. The floods in Pakistan have brought all hopes for educational empowerment for women back to square one. 

I am devastated to see the girls that my organization has worked with, share pictures of the drastic impact on their communities including collapsed homes, flooded roads, & lack of access to basic necessities required to live.

I am organizing this fundraiser to directly support female flood victims & indirectly support overall flood victims. This is a difficult time for not just me & my family, but also to the millions of people who call Pakistan their home. Please help out with whatever support you can, no matter how small it is:

Cover Photo by DFID - UK Department for International Development - People returning home as soon as the water recedes enough, CC BY-SA 2.0,