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Street Child and HundrED partner up to improve access to education for out-of-school children

Street Child, a non-profit organisation focusing on out-of-school children, and HundrED, a global mission-driven organisation specialising in K12 education innovation, joined forces and signed a partnership agreement at the World Economic Forum today to increase opportunities for students most in need.

“Over 200 million children are currently out-of-school. There is a shared vision that things have to change right now and that while we are changing things, we also have to build capacity so that the changes can become sustainable”, says Tom Dannatt, the CEO and founder of Street Child.

Street Child supports local organisations and leverages local expertise in 20 countries to find and implement effective interventions to support out-of-school children.

“Our missions are aligned. We both want to ensure quality education for every child and focus on the ‘how’ part when improving education. We both offer tailored support to local organisations, local capacity building. Street Child does fantastic work in providing education opportunities in low resource and crisis environments. We see this partnership as an opportunity to shine a light on the most impactful practices and innovations,” says Lasse Leponiemi, the executive director and co-founder of HundrED.

HundrED identifies, amplifies and helps implement education innovations globally.

Through this new partnership, Street Child can recommend innovators to HundrED, which has a rigorous research process for evaluating and identifying the most impactful and scalable innovations. HundrED strengthens its reach in the 20 Asian and African countries where Street Child is currently operating and will provide increased visibility to the education innovators in those regions. As part of the partnership, Street Child and HundrED will gather and share valuable insights about the needs of their grassroots communities to the broader global education community.

“Our hope is that through this collaboration, we will be able to highlight the local innovators with the most scalable solutions to tackle this massive challenge that we have with out-of-school children”, says Lasse Leponiemi. 

“Finding, and then getting behind the best, and bravest, locally-grounded initiatives is at the heart of our philosophies”, concludes Tom Dannatt. 

More information: www.street-child.org