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Meet the HundrED Community Leads

HundrED Community Leads are a group of passionate changemakers around the world who spark conversations and action throughout different communities - both regional and thematic. Join them to be part of a network of eduction innovation locally or globally!

We are excited to announce the 2024 cohort of Community Leads, an inspiring group of 16 education changemakers from around the world who are passionate about bringing together innovators, implementers, decision makers, students, teachers and families so that every child can flourish.

The Community Leads represent an evolution of our Country Lead programme, a pilot which reinforced the need for organization on both the global and local scale. 

The Community Leads were selected from among over 100 applicants representing 59 countries.

Our Community Leads recognize that pushing educational change forward requires a broad network of co-creators working together towards a common goal. We empower our Leads to organize communities - regional and thematic - collaborate on impactful projects, work closely with HundrED Ambassadors, and connect stakeholders at all levels of education.

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Do you have an idea for creating impact in your local educational system? Is there an innovation that is ready for the spotlight? Looking to speak with likeminded changemakers? Want to share your insights and expertise? Find your community below!

Regional Communities

Targeting local spaces, our regional communities aim for real-world action, meetings and collaboration.

Latin America - Alejandra Ycaza
South Asia - Md Masum Billah, Vineeta Garg
Western Africa - Damilola Okonkwo
North America - Kendra Thornton, Nathan Strenge
Oceania - Kim Flintoff, Sarah Aiono
Northern Europe - Siri Abrahamsen
East Asia - Noburo Hagiwara, Colman Ho
Western Europe - Özgen Bagci, Alex Bell
Southeast Asia - Albus D Hoang, Charlotte Goh
West Asia - Meline Grigoryan

Thematic Communities

Targeting a global audience, thematic communities are spaces to learn and grow together. Reach out to a lead to learn more!

Equity in Schools - Alejandra Ycaza, Alex Bell, Sah Aiono

Teacher Professional Development - Md Masum Billah, Damilola Okonkwo, Albus D Hoang, Özgen Bagci, Noburo Hagiwara, Siri Abrahamsen

21st Century and Future Skills - Kim Flintoff, Nathan Strenge, Meline Grigoryan, Sarah Aiono, Damilola Okonkwo, Kendra Thornton

AI - Nathan Strenge, Vineeta Garg, Md Masum Billah

EdTech - Özgen Bagci, Md Masum Billah, Vineeta Garg, Nathan Strenge

Wellbeing in Schools - Kendra Thornton, Kim Flintoff, Charlotte Goh, Alex Bell, Siri Abrahamsen

Sustainability - Alex Bell, Albus D Hoang, Siri Abrahamsen, Kim Flintoff

Whole School Systems - Kim Flintoff, Noburo Hagiwara, Albus D Hoang, Charlotte Goh, Sarah Aiono

Student Voice and Agency - Sarah Aiono, Siri Abrahamsen, Damilola Okonkwo, Kendra Thornton

More information about Community Leads 

Visit our Community Lead page.